30-Year Prison Sentence for DWI

A man out of South Texas recently received a lengthy sentence after being convicted for DWI. According to news reports, the man was sentenced to 30 years in prison after a jury in San Antonio convicted the man of DWI. The records show that this was his 11th conviction over a span of more than 30 years.

The story reports that for his 11th DWI, this man was driving inebriated in January of 2014. According to the court records, on the night in question, the man struck motorcyclist. The toxicology reports indicated that he was well over the legal limit for drinking and driving. In fact, it was alleged that he had a blood alcohol content of more than two times the legal limit.

With a rap sheet involving nearly a dozen DWI convictions involved, the court is not likely to show much mercy for the accused. In these situations the prosecutor in the case will feel a positive obligation to get the strongest sentence possible, out of a sense of duty to get a dangerous person off the streets. Having such a record can really work against someone accused of DWI.

Habitual Offender Laws in Texas

Going beyond the judge and prosecutor, the laws in Texas can be harsh against those who can be labeled as habitual offenders. Texas began its experiment with habitual offender law in 1974 when the state was in the process of big changes to the criminal justice system. The habitual offender laws work to enhance the sentence of anyone convicted of a crime after previously being convicted of two felonies.

There are many crimes that can trigger the provisions of the habitual offender laws in Texas. Typically each conviction must be a felony, and on the conviction of a third felony, the judge is empowered to hand down an even more lengthy and stringent sentence. In most cases the judge is required to enhance the sentence that would otherwise be the maximum.

The crimes that can trigger the habitual offender laws include felony DWIs. This is particularly true when the DWI involves personal injuries to another driver. As we saw in this case, the man convicted of DWI was sentenced to 30 years in prison. There are many other examples where a person is convicted of DWI under the habitual offender laws and even receives a sentence of life in prison.

Understanding and Knowing How to Defend DWI

Hopefully this serves as a warning to anyone accused of DWI. Whether it is your first DWI charge, or this is another in a string of accusations of DWI, you need to understand what is at stake with a conviction for DWI. That is why it is so important to ensure that you have the best DWI defense available to you.

If you are accused of DWI, contact us. At The Wilder DWI Defense Firm our team of attorneys and professionals will help you understand what your rights are and provide you with a free consultation. Do not let the system take advantage of your situation, take charge and get the right legal help for your case.