5 Warning Signs Of A Poor DWI or DUI Lawyer

When it comes to finding a good DWI lawyer after being pulled over, it can be seriously confusing to pick someone you feel is right for the job of defending you and getting your case or charges dismissed. Below are a few characteristics that you should run away from when speaking with DWI lawyers:

1. Someone Who Is Not On Your Side

You want a lawyer who will fight to get the best results in the DWI or DUI case against you. This should mainly involve avoiding conviction so your arrest won’t be on your record forever. If your lawyer is pressuring you to settle or accept any type of offer, your best interests are not being cared for. Trying to get your case over with in a short amount of time by way of settlements is often another sign of a lawyer who has too many cases to deal with individually, which brings us to our next sign”¦

2. Uninformed Or Ignorant About Your Case

When you come in for a meeting or appointment with your lawyer, you expect them to be informed and familiar with your case, information, court dates, etc. If you stop by for a meeting with your lawyer and they’re fumbling to recall your information, that’s not a good sign. Again, this could be a warning sign that your lawyer has taken on much too a big a workload, which is not in your best interest at all.

3. No Experience Or References

Experience is essential in finding a good DWI/DUI lawyer. When you initially seek out a defense lawyer after your DWI arrest, one of the first things you should ask about is experience. If they haven’t had many or any cases at all, it’s time to find someone else. Something else to look for is references from past clients. If there is no feedback from people who have hired this firm in the past, it comes across as a bit suspicious.

4. Little Or No Communication

You always want to keep a line of communication open between you and your lawyer, as well as a good relationship. Red flags to look out for include disregarding your input or questions about your case, telling you not to worry or that it’s been handled, or being unwilling to go over strategy. Advising you against taking notes or following information about your case is a telling indication as well.

5. Unclear Or Confusing Financial Information

When picking your lawyer, their financial costs and fees regarding DWI /DUI defense should be clear and laid out in an understandable way. Once all the fees have been negotiated and agreed upon between you and the lawyer, billing policies should be gone over and explained. This includes what you’re expected to pay and when to pay it. After this, nothing should change or modify about your prices. A lawyer who keeps changing fees, prices, and billing is not someone you should trust with your case.

To ensure that you have experienced, capable and knowledgeable lawyers to defend you after your Dallas DWI arrest, contact The Wilder Firm today. Our staff will put your case and needs first as we fight for your rights in court.