7 Tips For Safe, Fun Drinking

Information and advice on how to be safe while drinking.

There’s nothing wrong with having a night out with a few friends, grabbing some drinks, or even becoming intoxicated. But being careless about how you drink can lead to situations such as loss of consciousness, alcohol poising, and even various arrests if you try to drive, bike, or walk home. Being aware of how to stay safe but still have a fun time while drinking may save you a lot of trouble down the road. Keep these tips in mind any time you plan to have a few drinks.

1. Set A Limit

Before you even set foot in a bar or club, try to have your mind made up on how much you’re going to drink that night. Going in without a clue only serves to set you up to drink more than you want or need to, which is never a good thing. A rule of thumb to remember is no more than 4 drinks for men, and 3 drinks for women.

2. Travel In Groups

Drinking alone should never be an optimal choice. It’s best to go out with at least one other person for safety reasons. Intoxicated individuals can be targets for being pick pocketed, sexual assaulted, or mugged. Having one or more person alongside you can discourage others from taking advantage of you.

3. Stick With What’s Familiar

Trying drinks you’ve never had before is a good way to find yourself a new favorite. It can also be risky, simply because you’re not used to the alcoholic content of something new. Some drinks will raise your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) faster than others, without your knowledge. Familiar drinks will keep your BAC at a safer level that you’re used to.

4. Alternate Drinks

For every alcoholic drink you have, it’s a good idea to alternate with something non-alcoholic, such as water, juice, or soda. Since alcohol dehydrates you, following up with non-alcoholic drinks will return some lost vitamins and minerals to your body and keep you from getting too intoxicated. Doing this will prevent hangovers and counterbalance the effect alcohol has on your body.

5. Bring A Designated Driver

Designated drivers are a must for a night out to ensure everyone gets home safely. Remember, the designated driver isn’t the person who’s the least drunk. They must have a plan to keep themselves sober and supportive. If you simply can’t find someone to make sure you get home, keep the phone numbers to local transportation services nearby.

6. Consider Drinking At Home

Drinking with roommates or friends at a convenient, safe place, such as one of your houses, cuts out going out altogether. That can be significantly cheaper than bar-hopping and will make you and your group less vulnerable to dangerous people or situations. Everyone can also find somewhere to sleep with no problems. With all the positives, it’s worth thinking about!

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