It was not long ago that the city of Austin lifted its nose in the air at two popular rideshare companies, compelling them to comply with certain regulations or be shut down. In response, both companies left the city so as to not start a trend of lowering to (what they perceived) as unfair demands. Now the number of DWIs in Austin is on the rise.

For all the noise one hears from local governments about DWI enforcement and prevention, this city will have a hard time backing that noise with action. News outlets are reporting that before either rideshare company was allowed in Austin, it had a monthly DWI arrest rate of over 500 people. But once the companies were allowed in, that number steadily dropped at a clip of 5% a month. Now the trend is turning.

Allegedly, since the city of Austin essentially kicked out both of those companies, DWIs are again on the rise. Instead of dropping at a good pace, they are actually increasing at least 5% a month. While this is a preliminary result, the interpretation of data seems to be clear. Now it is up to the city to decide what to do with these results.

Defending a Charge of DWI in Texas

Regardless of what rideshare company was available, you may be facing a DWI charge in Texas. If you are facing a charge of DWI you may be asking yourself what you should do next. This is a fair and important question. After all, it was recently reported that Texas is tenth toughest state in the nation on DWI. This because of severe penalties that come from a conviction.

Now, just because you are accused of DWI does not mean that you are guilty. No doubt you have heard the legal maxim that a person accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty. This maxim holds true for those accused of DWIs, as well. There are a number of different ways to aggressively defend a charge of DWI in Texas.

Constitutional Rights

The first line of defense in any DWI case is understanding and defending the rights given to us in the U.S. Constitution. They include the right to be treated reasonably under the law by police officers conducting an investigation. This right to reasonable behavior includes the right to be free from illegal searches, lines of questioning, and harassment. If any of these or other rights are violated, it may end in a criminal case being dismissed by a judge.

Even when these rights are not brought to bear in a DWI defense, there are many other avenues that the right legal team will take to defend the case. For example, scrutinizing and investigating all the facts of the case, and then applying those facts to the pertinent parts of the law. The power a defense attorney has to show why certain facts mean one thing or another is key to any DWI defense. It is just another tool that can be used to defend a DWI.

All of these and the other defenses available to you rest on choosing the right attorney to defend your case. At The Wilder DWI Defense Firm we dedicate our practice to ensuring that our clients get the best most aggressive DWI defense available. Contact us today to hear what your legal options are.