Alcoholic Drinks That May Be Stronger Than You Think

Be cautious of how strong these drinks are when you are out at the bar.

Everyone has their own standard signature drink that they order when they are out at the bar. For some people, nothing hits the spot after a long day of work better than an ice cold beer. For others, a fancy drink such as a Manhattan or Cosmo is enough to make you the most interesting person at the bar. But, every once in a while, you may want to mix things up a bit and venture out to try a new drink that you never have before.

However, trying out a new drink can always be a little risky, especially if it is a strange mixture of different things that you have never tried before. For instance, a bomb drink that mixes beer and liquor, or even more tempting, a fancy, colorful cocktail that has ever flavor of rum you can imagine. It’s these unknown combinations that you have to watch out for, as they may just come back to bite you in the butt later in the night.

Next time you are out drinking with your friends, be mindful of the following drink combinations, as they may just be a bit stronger than you are anticipating:

Energy Drink Cocktails

Mixed drinks such as Jager Bombs (Jagermeister and Red Bull) or Red Bull and Vodka have become very popular in the last decade. Many people enjoy these drinks because they provide you with a little pick me up when you are out late with your friends. However, mixing energy drinks with liquor can actually be very dangerous for your health. (This is also true for alcoholic coffee drinks!)

When you becomes tired or fatigued while drinking, this is typically your body’s way of telling you that it has had enough to drink and you should start to slow down. However, when you are consuming stimulating drinks such as coffee or Red Bull, they can start to make you feel as though you’re not as drunk as you really are. This makes it hard to determine just how impaired you really may be, resulting in poor decisions such as drinking and driving. Therefore, stay away from these mixed cocktails or only limit yourself to just one if you really need a boost of energy.

Jello Shots

One homemade drink that always tends to make appearances at parties and around different holiday events is the jello shot. This concoction of jello and alcohol is mixed into individual shot size cups, but these little guys can pack quite a punch. However, what makes them so good is also what makes them so dangerous.

Because jello shots are made with flavored, sugary jello and then mixed with flavored alcohol, it is very difficult to taste any alcohol at all in these drinks. Therefore, it’s impossible to tell just how much alcohol was used to make them. Therefore, only take one jello shot at a time and then give yourself a little while to determine how it affects you before continuing with drinking.

Fish Bowls and Jungle Juice

Any drink that requires fruit juice or actual cut up fruit to mask the taste of alcohol is never a good idea. Fish bowls (often found at restaurants in large plastic fish bowl containers) or jungle juice (often found at parties in giant coolers) are two of the most dangerous types of fruit drinks because they are typically made with grain alcohol-lots and lots of it. This alcohol is then mixed with fruit juice, Kool-Aid, cut up fruit, sugar, and any other mixer you can think of to try and hide the potency of liquor, making it impossible to tell how much is in your drink!

Plus, in the case of jungle juice at parties, it is extra dangerous because you never know exactly what the mixture may contain or what was put into it! Therefore, in these situations, it is best to just stick with beer and be safe rather than sorry.

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