Austin area news outlets are reporting that a driver-for-hire was recently arrested and charged with DWI while on the job. This is a new risk in our technology driven world, and a reason drivers working from their phones to make extra money should be extra vigilant in preventing or fighting DWI charges.

Over the last few years the country has seen a boom in the smartphone driver industry. Companies starting with just a few employees have blossomed into thriving multi-million dollar businesses. Every person with a car and a smartphone can easily get work as a driver-for-hire. All the person has to do is pass a background check, start driving, and pick up customers.

Because it is such a new and popular industry, anything that goes wrong with one of the drivers will receive national attention. Several months ago, a man who drove for one of those companies using his phone was accused of driving around and killing several people at random, and the story made national headlines.

Similarly, this incident in Texas is receiving a lot of attention because of the fact it is a DWI accusation, and the driver was working for one of these companies. But the notoriety the case receives presents some questions about the process, and whether this particular defendant will get a fair trial. Once the media puts out widely circulated reports, it is difficult to find a judge or jury who is not prejudiced about what the outcome of the case should be.

DWI Suspects Fight Uphill Battle

This is true about DWI accusations in general. Few other criminal acts receive the widespread attention that DWI arrests do. There is a national organization of mothers dedicated to drawing attention to the DWIs and preventing them. Additionally, it is difficult for anybody who listens to or watches the news to go a week without hearing about some story of somebody who is accused of driving under the influence.

These widespread reports and campaigns to prevent DWI really put a defendant in a difficult position. Despite the fact there are a number of legitimate and important defenses to DWI, a suspect may have a difficult time getting a fair hearing of the facts. It is really an uphill battle that a person has to fight against the police, prosecutor, judge, and public opinion.

In the wake of these uphill battles lie the consequences of a DWI conviction. Work can be in jeopardy as jail time could cause a person to lose a job. The fines for DWI are stiff, and penalties like losing a driving license for a period of time can put someone in a hole that is difficult to climb out of.

Luckily for those accused of DWI, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. At the Wilder DWI Defense Firm we truly believe this. We look at each individual case, the facts surrounding the initial contact with police, subsequent charges, and apply the law in the way that best serves your interest. Despite what bias you may face as a DWI suspect, you will find a legal partner here that is going to fight for your rights. If you are accused of DWI in the Dallas area, contact us. We will evaluate your case for you for free.