Beyond a Charge of DWI: Texas Principal Arrested on Multiple Charges

The charge of DWI may be one of the most equalizing crimes we have. It seems that no one type or class of people are exempt from being arrested for and charged with DWI. We see famous football players, celebrities, and others charged with DWI on what seems to be at least a weekly basis. We have even seen high-profile cases here in Texas in which prosecutors and judges have been charged with DWI.

Now we can add to the list of people susceptible to DWI charges. A San Angelo principal of a charter school was recently arrested on multiple charges, including DWI. This was more than a simple case of DWI, and if convicted of all charges, could ruin this man’s career in public education. It is a reminder of how serious the charge of DWI is, and how a simple DWI can quickly turn into something much more complicated.

In this case the police tried to pull over a driver late at night in February. The initial attempt at an arrest happened in a parking lot, and the driver, according to reports, tried several times to exit the parking lot. Apparently the driver tried several times to evade the officers, until multiple police cars were used to stop the vehicle and make the arrest.

But this was not the end of this arrest. Once the police officers had the man out of his vehicle, according to them, he tried to resist arrest and would not get in the police car, so the police shot him with a taser, which made him succumb. Now the school principal is charged with DWI, fleeing police, and resisting arrest. All serious charges, and all because of an initial attempt to investigate DWI.

The News Media and DWIs

We learn a few things from this case, not the least of which is how complicated a simple DWI charge can become. One of the chief lessons we learn is the media obsession with covering news about DWI charges. There are many explanations for this phenomenon, but one of the prime reasons is because of the nature of DWIs themselves.

As a society we have largely taken the positions that drinking and driving is bad, and whether someone drinks and drives is a purely personal decision, without any other factors coming to the fore. As a result, once someone is accused of DWI there is very little sympathy expressed for the person’s situation, and it is easy for those consuming news media to condemn the action. But there is something more sinister at play with our obsession over who gets charged with a DWI.

Once a news report is made about someone getting a DWI, we can be sure it will include details on BAC, and the police’s position on what the outcome of the case should be. What results is a trial by news story and not by the legal system. It is easy for anyone to read a story about a DWI charge and automatically convict the person before the evidence is heard, seen, or tested in a court of law. This is a big problem.

The fact is that each and every person accused of DWI is innocent until proven guilty. The law, Constitutional protections, and other rights exist to ensure that each persons accused of DWI gets a fair and open hearing of what actually happened. That is exactly what we strive to provide to each of our clients at The Wilder DWI Defense Firm. If you are accused of DWI, contact us today for a free case evaluation.