Bossier Parish, Louisiana Implements DWI Enforcement Unit

The Bossier Parrish Sheriff’s Office has started its new Driving While Intoxicated Enforcement Unit. The goal of the DWI Enforcement Unit is to remove the risks imposed by drunk drivers from the roadways altogether while also raising awareness of the importance of complying with Louisiana DWI-related laws.

Traffic Concerns in Relation to DWI Concerns

Bossier Parish residents have expressed their issues with traffic in the area and have even deemed it as the number one concern for Bossier Parish. Law enforcement officials believe that DWI-related accidents are among the biggest concerns surrounding traffic issues in Bossier Parish, which has fueled their dedication to deterring DWI arrests and accidents through the implementation of the DWI Enforcement Unit. The Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office hopes that, through the DWI Enforcement Unit, it will be made clear to Bossier Parish drivers that driving under the influence is intolerable.

Use of Sobriety Checkpoints

One tool that has been used to assist in DWI enforcement and will continue to be used by the DWI Enforcement Unit are sobriety checkpoints. The Bossier Parish sheriff’s office conducts sobriety checkpoints at random times and at different locations. In 2014, the sheriff’s office held four sobriety checkpoints where they screened nearly 1,800 vehicles. As a result of the screenings, 12 DWI arrests were made and 41 citations were issued for various traffic violations.

Law enforcement officials note that Bossier Parish drivers used social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to warn other drivers of the checkpoint within moments of the checkpoint being set up. The sheriff’s office is not opposed to the relaying of this message as the goal of such checkpoints is to keep intoxicated drivers off the roads. They have emphasized that it is a good thing if they do not have to make any DWI arrests because compliance with DWI laws is the goal.

Bossier Parish’s DWI Arrest History

In 2014 the Bossier Parish sheriff’s office made 99 DWI arrests. Thus far in 2015, 88 DWI arrests have been made. Of course, the sheriff’s office would rather not see any DWI arrests being made but it must be done to protect the Bossier Parish community from the dangers imposed by intoxicated drivers. One member of the DWI Enforcement Unit said that his role in enforcing Louisiana DWI laws is to protect those who are unable to protect themselves from DWI-related accidents, as there are not necessarily any warnings or notifications that there are intoxicated drivers on the road endangering the community.

The Bossier Paris sheriff’s office recommends staying home or using a designated driver if consuming alcohol to avoid the risk of a DWI arrest or any fatalities caused by a DWI accident. They emphasize that drinking alcohol is not illegal if you are 21 years old or older, but that it is illegal to operate a vehicle while under the influence.

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