Cops Will Be Out To Prevent Labor Day Drinking And Driving

Labor Day Weekend is the time that cops crack down on drunk drivers.

Labor Day Weekend is one of the biggest weekends of the summer. After a long three months of basking in the sun at the beach or lake, enjoying backyard barbeques with family and friends, and soaking in all that the summer season has to offer, Labor Day weekend is our one last hurrah before the fall season kicks into gear.

For students who are heading back to college especially, Labor Day is often the last weekend they get to spend hanging out with friends before they jump into another year of homework, exams and part-time jobs. This just makes celebrating this last weekend of summer even more epic!

However, because of all of the excitement and activities that surround Labor Day Weekend, it also often ends up being one of the biggest drinking weekends of the summer. We cheers our friends as they head off to school, we cheers to all of the fun moments of summer that we shared, and we enjoy all that we can of our last summer weekends.

Because Labor Day Weekend is such a big weekend for drinking and celebrating, local law enforcements have also noted how important it is to keep the roads safe on weekends such as this. In fact, this weekend in particular is often one of the most patrolled weekends of the year when it comes to preventing drinking and driving.

Cops all throughout Texas will be out on the streets in full-force cracking down on drunk drivers and ensuring that everyone makes it home from their Labor Day activities safely.

According to, Department of Public Safety troopers will be out in full force watching for drunk drivers from Monday, Aug. 19 through Monday, Sept. 9, which includes the Labor Day holiday weekend. DPS says DWI patrols will be in high-risk areas where crashes involving alcohol are the most frequent.

“Keeping Texas roadways safe for all travelers is a vital concern for DPS, and these increased patrols are designed to save lives by getting intoxicated drivers off the road,” said DPS Director Steven McCraw. “The Department urges drivers to mark the Labor Day holiday responsibly by utilizing safe driving practices and not drinking and driving.”

If you are going to be going out and drinking over the Labor Day holiday, make sure that you are taking extra safety precautions to ensure that you have fun and are being safe. Here are a few tips:

  • Get a designated driver before you head out. This person should be reliable and sober throughout ALL of your activities. They should also be someone that you can count on to be there whenever it is you are ready to come home.
  • Match every drink of alcohol with a drink of water. This will slow down the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream and ensure that you are staying hydrated while drinking.
  • Eat throughout the day. It is easy to forgot to eat while you are out having fun and playing drinking games with friends. However, be sure that you are grabbing a burger or a slice of pizza throughout your activities so that you keep food in your system and your body isn’t just running on liquids.

If you need more information about how to stay safe while drinking or what to do if you get pulled over for drinking and driving, be sure to contact The Wilder Firm today!