Dallas Drunk Driver Rings in Another New Year in Handcuffs

It’s an old, tired saying: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” However, in the case of repeat drunk driving offenders, the law not only dictates who the shameful, responsible party is, but also how severe the punishment for the crime will be.

In the United States, and Dallas especially, there is no forgiveness for a second or subsequent charge. If jail time wasn’t served the first time, time behind bars is almost a guarantee, on top of costly fines and mandatory community services hours. Additionally, the convicted party will likely be made to attend and pay for a DWI education class, and a deep lung air device may be installed in the offender’s vehicle. Still, even with all these possible punishments looming, some drunk drivers just cannot be deterred.

If there’s one night of the year to look out for intoxicated drivers on the road, it’s New Year’s Eve. Dallas police made it clear that they would be out in full force last month to pull over any reckless offenders on the night of the 31st. However, even with the warnings in mind, a North Dallas man, who was already arrested once before for drunk driving on New Year’s Eve, decided to take his chances.

62-year-old Napoleon Valle Casamalhuapa was arrested for driving while intoxicated after crashing into a light pole at around 11:30 p.m. this past New Year’s Eve. The incident occurred near the 9500 block of Abrams Road in Lake Highlands. He was transported to Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas. Casamalhuapa was certainly not the only person arrested for drunk driving that night, but his case is unique in one way: he was previously arrested for the same crime back in 2009, also on the night of December 31st, according to an arrest warrant. For his previous arrest, Casamalhuapa served 180 days in jail, was on probation for two years, and paid an $800 fine.

Officers discovered Casamalhuapa in his white 1994 Mazda pickup truck after he collided with a light pole and flipped his vehicle. Authorities say he remained strapped into his seat, his eyes were bloodshot, and the smell of alcohol was on his breath. Casamalhuapa told officers that, several hours earlier, he drank four Natural Light beers and ate a hamburger.

He claimed that he crashed after swerving to avoid another car, but later admitted that he could not even remember what type of road he was driving on prior to the crash.

As a repeat offender, Napoleon Casamalhuapa is sure to be facing a harsh sentence, if he is convicted. The charges against him, as well as the unique circumstances of his two arrests, create a complicated atmosphere for his particular case, which will surely take time to be resolved.

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