Dallas Judge Urged To Resign Amid Shocking Accusations

Dallas County Democrats are asking one of their own to step down. If you’ve been following the saga of Dallas County Civil Judge, Carlos Cortez, you know that it has gotten more and more bizarre. The latest string of claims started in December when he allegedly choked his girlfriend and held her over the ledge of his Uptown Condo. Ultimately, a Grand Jury refused to indict the judge, but his troubles did not end there.

Cortez has been trying to keep certain documents sealed during a long legal battle stemming from a 2010 defamation lawsuit. Finally yesterday, a Texas Court of Appeals ordered that these documents be released and the allegations are revealing. The documents include reports that the Judge was accused of raping a child, using cocaine, and choking a prostitute after she accused him of fathering her child. I couldn’t make this up. Read more about it here.

It’s not hard to see why Darlene Ewing, Head of the Dallas County Democratic Party, is calling on Judge Cortez to resign, saying it would be best for himself and the party. This move is extremely unusual consideringJudge Cortez is an elected Democrat. To make this story even crazier, Judge Cortez spent $300,000 on legal fees to keep these documents sealed. This money came from his campaign funds!

Of course, Judge Cortez has the right to be presumed innocent of any crime until his guilt has proven beyond a reasonable doubt just like everyone else. But as a Judge, the people of Dallas County do, and have the right to, expect more from their elected officials. While it’s not always fair to say, where there’s smoke there’s fine, in this case it is certainly fair to say, this is way too much smoke for a judge!

I imagine Judge Cortez will respond to Mrs. Ewing’s plea to resign soon. I’ll keep you posted.