The Texas Department of Transportation is rolling out a new program for the end of this summer aimed at making DWI arrests. The program is being rolled out in anticipation of Labor Day weekend, when large numbers of people will be traveling across the state, going to parties, and drinking adult beverages.

When all of these elements combine, the setting is ripe for Texas police officers to make stops and arrests for DWI. That means all drivers should be prepared by knowing about the program and their rights under the law.

Details of the Program

The program was kicked off by the Texas DOT when they set up a trailer in the Lon C. Hill Park called the “DWI Not So Fun House.” The carnival-type trailer had different interactive exhibits including beer goggles that people could wear and try to accomplish simple tasks. There was also an exhibit showing photos and stories about drinking and driving and its impact on society. This event was a way for the Texas DOT to draw attention to their program and increase awareness of the dangers of driving while intoxicated.

The anti-DWI program will run from August 21 through September 7. As part of the program, Texas law enforcement agencies across the the state will increase patrols and set up in areas where they suspect they can make more DWI arrests. The increased patrols will paid for by a grant from the Texas DOT.

Legality of Plan and Your Rights

The legality of the program has not been challenged yet, but remember that you have rights as a driver in Texas. In the past, Texas courts have held that DWI stops are illegal unless they are part of a legislative scheme to protect public safety. To date, the Texas legislature has not implemented such a scheme, so if you are arrested during the Labor Day weekend, you may have an argument that the arrest was illegal.

If you are pulled over during the Texas DOT’s program to increase DWI arrests, you have rights under the U.S. and Texas Constitutions. This means that the police must treat you in certain ways or your case could be thrown out and dismissed. All too often, police officers wrongly pull over and then arrest drivers under suspicion of DWI, and those drivers become the victims of aggressive police tactics.

Protect Your Rights

When it comes to protecting your rights as a driver in Texas, you need the expertise and advice of a Texas DWI defense attorney. The Wilder Defense Firm is just the partner you need if you are accused of a DWI in Texas. Our team of professional staff knows the ins and outs of the Texas criminal defense system. We will apply the laws and rules to your case to give you the best defense possible. Contact us so we can evaluate your case and provide you with your legal options.