Essentials to Successfully Defending a DWI Charge

If you are facing the charge of DWI, whether a misdemeanor first-time charge, or a subsequent DWI felony charge, you will have a lot of questions. You may wonder, “What am I going to do now?” “What does this mean for my personal and working life?” “How am I going to defend this charge?”

We understand that this is a trying time, but it is times like these when more knowledge and understanding about this process will help you. With every criminal law defense, and especially with DWI defense, there are essential steps that your legal team must take to ensure that you get a successful DWI defense. Failure in any aspect of a defense will often lead the failure of the entire defense.

Starting With Investigation

Every successful DWI defense begins with a strong foundation, and that foundation is the investigation of what happened. Of course, we will get your version of events about what happened on the night you were arrested, but that is only one version. The police will have a version that they have recorded on paper, and through conversation, and there are likely witnesses to the event, as well. At this point of a DWI defense we cannot get too much information about what happened because we can use that information to help your defense.

Apply the Law

The next phase of a case is when the law gets involved. What is uncovered during the investigation of the facts will determine what legal steps we need to take. That could mean filing motions to suppress evidence or dismiss the case because of constitutional violations. Or it could mean filing for other motions based on other state laws. This is where experience and legal knowledge are indispensable to a DWI defense.

Settlement or Proceeding

It is at this point of a DWI defense when both parties are aware of the case’s strengths and weaknesses. This is when a good defense team will utilize all of the leverage available to get a good deal from the prosecution on terms of a plea, or proceed forward to trial to have the case decided by an independent judge or jury. The key here is to have an attorney who can back up the threat to take a case to trial. Most cases are settled prior to trial, and only a handful ever go to trial, which is why your defense needs a legal team with deep trial experience to move forward if needed.

Choosing the Right Legal Team

The next essential piece to a successful DWI defense is choosing the best legal team for the job. There are many lawyers available to represent those accused of DWIs, but few have the experience, knowledge, and ability to bring the best result possible. The best result is not always a victory or dropping of charges: it can be reduced charges or sentence time in exchange for a plea or fighting to have the case won at trial. Each case is fact-specific and subject to different results.

If you are facing a DWI in the Dallas or surrounding areas, contact us. At The Wilder DWI Defense Firm our name says it all. Our practice is dedicated to defending those charged with DWI, and taking all the steps needed to get the best possible results for our clients.