No matter the topic, there are always fabrications about it. After numerous people get in on it and create their own theory as to why something is a certain way or why what’s true about it is really true, or even that the facts aren’t even facts at all, it all combines into one big misunderstanding. Let’s make this easy; for example, many people believe that putting salt in water to make it boil faster is true, when in fact it’s not true at all because salt raises the boiling point of water.

When it comes to the law and driving while intoxicated there are numerous myths floating around the world that DWI lawyers find that their clients believe, yet they have been proven false, and here they are:

Myth: Officers can assume you’re intoxicated by the smell of your breath

Fact: If an officer has pulled you over and automatically came to the conclusion that you are intoxicated because of the smell of your breath, let your lawyer know immediately. Arresting you because of your breath without performing any other sobriety tests is an unreliable way for police to determine intoxication. Due to the fact that most drinks are mixed with some sort of juice, it can be concluded that what the officer smells is not alcohol, but is in fact a non-alcoholic beverage. Bringing this to your DWI lawyer’sattention can easily help you reverse your case, especially if they don’t have any other facts to go against you.

Myth: Field sobriety tests are 100% reliable

Fact: While they may be accurate the majority of the time, there are instances in which a driver failed a field sobriety test for other reasons that have nothing to do with being drunk. DWI lawyers are often fighting cases in court under the stance that their driver was not intoxicated, stating anything along the lines of he or she was either suffering from exhaustion or does not have great balance due to an injury. There are many reasons as to why a person can’t walk a straight line, or even reasons for why they fail the breathalyzer test. Make sure that your lawyer is aware of anything that can help prove you were not intoxicated.

This is a perfect example for diabetics suffering from hypoglycemia. Not only does the disease cause slurred speech, but it also causes a lack of balance and disorientation, each of which are signs considered to point towards intoxication.

Myth: You can’t be charged if your car is parked

Fact: Yes you can! There are thousands of documented instances in which a person has been arrested without even being on the road and driving. The fact that you are the sole person in control of the vehicle gives the officer the right to arrest you. The officer does not need to witness you operating the vehicle and could assume that you were recently driving or that you were about to. Many DWI lawyers agree that this case can be fought in court but is extremely difficult to win, often concluding by agreeing to a plea bargain.

Other myths that many drivers believe is true is that a person of average size can consume at least a beer or two before they pass the limit for BAC. This is completely false because it all depends on the individual’s body and how they react to the alcohol.

One way you can avoid all of these myths is to not drink and drive, but we understand that sometimes you make irresponsible decisions and the lawyers at The Wilder Law Firm are here to help you. And plus, maybe your case can be overturned because of one of these myths!