Famous Texas Quarterback Gets Probation for DWI

One of the greatest college football games ever played ended with a famous Texas quarterback running the ball into the endzone to win the National Championship. That quarterback punctuated that historic run with a successful and lucrative career in the pros. But what goes up must come down, and that is what happened recently to this famous quarterback.

Reports from Austin, Texas indicate that this famous quarterback was recently arrested, convicted, and sentenced for DWI. According to those reports, he will serve a term of 18 months probation for the conviction, and avoid any further jail time. This must be a shock to the famous athlete, but it can happen to anyone at anytime. DWI is a highly enforced and publicized crime.

Punishments for DWI Vary

As this case shows us, the punishments a judge or jury hands down for DWI can vary greatly from case to case. For example, an Austin man was recently sentenced to 25 years in prison for being convicted of his ninth DWI. Of course that case is more serious, it being the man’s ninth DWI. It shows how the penalties can change from case to case depending on the details of what happened, and much more.

What sentence a DWI conviction receives will depend mostly on the facts of the case. If it is a person’s first DWI, it is not uncommon to receive probation, or even a deferred prosecution. With each DWI conviction, the punishment will raise. Starting at jail time, and even reaching to a sentence of life in prison. Each case will vary, and each punishment will depend on the prosecutor, judge, jury, and type of defense attorney retained.

What is Probation for DWI

Probation as a sentence is one of those legal terms that the general population has heard, but probably does not fully understand. When a person receives probation, it means several things. First, it means that the judge actually sentenced the person to a prison or jail term, but probated the sentence so the person can avoid serving the term in jail or prison. Instead, the person will serve their sentence under the supervision of state officials, in the community.

The other important part of probation is that it comes with many conditions which are placed on the person serving the probated sentence. As a general rule, those conditions are named and imposed by the judge in the case. But the prosecutor and defense attorney will both have influence over what the conditions will be. Typically, conditions of a probation for DWI include:

  • Keeping all traffic and other laws for a specified period of time;
  • Going through an alcohol addiction treatment program;
  • Attending and completing different education courses;
  • Keeping a job, paying child support, etc.;
  • More if asked.

The penalty for breaking any of these conditions means going to jail or prison to serve the probated sentence, or any other penalties the court determines is necessary.

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