Four Safe Alternatives to Drinking and Driving

Next time you’re at the bar and can’t drive home, choose one of these options.

Now that we are officially halfway through the month of August, it seems as though the long days of summer sunshine are growing shorter and fall is approaching faster than we know it. However, while the end of the summer season does mean goodbye to summer BBQs and outdoor graduation parties, the fall brings with it its own fun excuses for hitting up the bar with friends.

Whether you are most looking forward to Monday Night Football at your local hangout or Welcome Week back at college with all of your friends, it’s important that you remember to practice safe drinking each time that you go out.

While we here at the Wilder Firm pride ourselves on our success and positive outcomes of the DWI cases we defend, we always prefer that you drink responsibly and do not drink and drive in the first place. Not only can drinking and driving lead to high fines and a tarnished driving record, but it can also put yourself and others in harm’s way.

However, we know that when you are out at the bar with your friends enjoying yourself and having a good time, it can be simple to have one too many drinks. Luckily, there are a variety of different options that you can choose rather than “toughing it out” and getting behind the wheel. Just because you may feel as though you are fine to drive, all a police officer is going to care about is your blood alcohol content (BAC) level. Any time that you go out to drink, whether it’s an all-night downtown adventure with friends, or simply a quick beer or two at the bar, it’s always important that you have a plan for alternative transportation in case you can’t drive. Preparing for this type of situation before you get to the bar will help you to make the right choice in the moment.

So, next time you are at the bar and don’t think you are able to drive home, instead of hopping in your car, choose one of these safe drunk driving alternatives:

Designate A Sober Driver: If you are heading out with a group of your friends, choose someone to be the designated driver for the evening. Having someone with you who has not been drinking all night will help to ensure that you and your friends are able to get home safely.

Use A Taxi: If you are out drinking in an area that has taxi’s, be sure to utilize their services. Not only will they pick you up and drive you home from the bar, but a small cab fee will always be minimal compared to the price of a DWI. Be sure to look up the numbers of a taxi service in your area and save it in your phone before you head out to the bar so that you are prepared.

Walk To A Nearby Hotel: If you are out drinking and there is a hotel in walking distance, consider heading there as an alternative to heading home. You don’t even have to crash there overnight! Simply relax on the bed, watch some tube, and before you know it, you will be sober and ready to drive home.

Contact A “Safe Ride” Program: There are many different programs available all across the nation, such as Be My DD, where designated driving companies will come and pick you up from the bar if you are not able to drive home. Some companies even offer you the option to hire one of their drivers to follow you home in your car, that way you don’t have to head back to the bar and get it the next morning.

While there are many different alternative options to drinking and driving, we recognize that sometimes mistakes can still happen. Therefore, if you should find yourself in a situation where you were pulled over for a DWI, be sure to contact an experienced DWI lawyer to who will be able to take swift, smart actions in the charges against you.