Holiday Season is DWI Season in North Texas

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and Christmas is right around the corner. WIth that comes gifts, decorations, and–for many in North Texas–DWIs. Both Dallas and Tarrant County officials have announced that they will be ramping up their Driving While Intoxicated enforcement throughout the holidays. This will mean more cops on the road and, probably more significantly, an increased commitment to ensure everyone arrested for DWI suspicion is subjected to a blood draw to test for the presence of alcohol.

As we’ve mentioned many times before, you are under no obligation to consent to a blood draw if you are arrested for DWI suspicion. But if the officer secures a warrant you will be compelled to submit to a DWI blood draw. And by compelled I mean they will strap you down if they need to.

You’ve probably heard of No-Refusal Weekends. What that really means is judges are on call and ready to serve warrants to anyone anyone and everyone arrested for DWI suspicion. Both Dallas and Tarrant Counties have already reported that they will have No-Refusal weekends around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Expect other Counties to follow suit. On top of that, Craig Watkins, the District Attorney of Dallas County, has said he will be committing additional prosecutors to DWI enforcement throughout the holidays.

So if there was ever a time to be careful (and there is, it’s all the time), it will be going home from holiday parties in the next few weeks. Somewhere in between picking out a Christmas sweater and buying Egg Nog, take one minute to make sure you have an Uber App on your phone. And while you’re at it put this number in your phone: . The WIlder Firm is always here if you happen to need a DWI Specialist on your side.