How Do SCRAM Bracelets Work?

You may be required to wear a SCRAM bracelet after being arrested for certain DWI related offenses in Texas. SCRAM stands for Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor. The bracelet will monitor your alcohol intake. In Texas, a person is usually required to wear a SCRAM bracelet after being charged with your third or fourth DWI. Generally, you wear the bracelet instead of being locked up in jail.

If the wearer of the device consumes alcohol, an alert will be sent to the proper party and you will usually be required to appear in court to face the consequences. How the device works is pretty simple. It tests your perspiration every 30 minutes and these results are sent to law enforcement or another party who is monitoring the device. And, the device will alert the proper authorities if you try and tamper with it.

Typically, a SCRAM bracelet is beneficial for both sides. First, you do not have to sit in jail while your case is pending. Second, the state does not have to pay for you to be in jail – one less person in an already crowded jail is usually welcomed.

Further, taxpayers are benefitted because it means less money going towards the housing of another person in jail. Your family will likely benefit, as well. Being able to stay out of jail means you are able to continue working and therefore continue to provide for other family members.

Proponents of the bracelet say that this is a way for offenders to maintain jobs, keep relationships, and continue to be productive members of society. When used in conjunction with treatment and other forms of rehabilitation, a “person can remain productive and employable and stays off the road and sober, then maybe everybody makes out better in the long run.”

Not to mention, the SCRAM bracelet usually works. It is an effective method for monitoring alcohol intake. Of course, there are always at least a few problems. Some have argued that the device can produce inaccurate findings or results. There are always variables. For example, the wearer could use heavy perfume that has a high amount of alcohol. This could cause the device to incorrectly notify law enforcement that the wearer has consumed alcohol.

Even with its issues, SCRAM bracelets continue to be a common form of alcohol monitoring. In fact, many celebrities have been seen wearing these after run-ins with the law. The most famous case is probably Lindsay Lohan. She has been required to wear the device on multiple occasions over the past several years. Others celebrities, like Eve, Tracy Morgan, and Nicole Richie have also been spotted wearing the device.

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