How to Expunge a DUI from your Record

We understand that unfortunate situations happen, situations in which mistakes that are made end up on your personal record. While committing an offense such as a DUI can have long-term effects on your personal life, as well as your professional life, it can be fixed. Luckily for you, the DUI lawyers at the Wilder Law Firm have years of experience in the area, and are successful at what they do.

Expunging a DUI conviction is highly recommended by every DUI lawyer. To expunge a DUI would mean that it is completely eliminated from the person’s record, meaning that files regarding the conviction have been thrown away for good and deleted from the system. This solves one of the main problems that arise after getting a DUI; having to put it on every job application, letting the employer know that you have been arrested. Once the charge is expunged, you will no longer have to do so.

Here are a few tips from our DUI lawyers to help you expunge the DUI conviction from your record:

Contact a DUI Lawyer

The first step toward expunging your charge is to contact a DUI lawyer. He or she will help you understand the laws that the state has regarding the offense, as the laws pertaining to this topic vary by state. In order to save yourself time and have answers to your questions before meeting with a lawyer, you can contact the local criminal court in which the arrest occurred. They will inform you of the regulations and processes necessary to eliminate it from your record.

Complete the necessary paperwork

Expunging a DUI conviction requires numerous forms throughout the entire process. Your DUI lawyer should inform you of the particular papers needed in order to apply for it to be removed. The local courthouse where the arrest occurred will make the papers available to you and before submitting them back to the court you should have your lawyer thoroughly review them to make sure you read the fine print.

Complete the requirements if needed

After you go to court for your case and the judge looks over the information, your charge will hopefully be dropped, especially if it is your first offense. Your DUI lawyer will then most likely inform you that there are requirements that you have to complete before being able to completely erase the DUI from your record. Most states will likely always place you under mandatory probation, as well as tell you that you have to complete a certain amount of community service hours, especially if you were underage.

The key is to remain positive, here at The Wilder Law Firm, we know that you did not intend to make this mistake, and the best thing for you to do is to take the time to complete the entire process in order to get rid of it forever.

For more information on expunging a DUI, contact the lawyers at The Wilder Law Firm today! Our years of experience and success make us the perfect team to help you get back to a perfect criminal record!