How to Find a Job with a DUI/DWI Charge on your Record

Thousands of people are arrested for driving under the influence of a substance every year. If the offenders have a job at the time of their arrest, there is a high chance that they’ll be let go because of it, and if they don’t have a job at the time of the arrest, they’ll have a hard time finding one. If you’re unable to expunge your charge from your records, finding a job in this already tough economy may seem impossible. At The Wilder Law Firm we understand that people make mistakes and we want to help you make sure that this charge doesn’t affect you for the rest of your life.

Due to many states’ penalties that include jail time for such offenses, it’s hard to find it within you to include the fact that you’ve been arrested and put in jail on your record, but you must do so. This is often a red flag for employees and they normally won’t give you the opportunity to explain yourself, especially for a position where you would be dealing with clients and representing a business.

The thing to remember is that not all companies refuse to hire candidates because of their past,there are well paying jobs out there that you have a chance at landing, and if it means you have to start at the bottom again and work your way up, then that’s what it means.

Consider the following recommendations when trying to return to the workforce after a DUI or DWI charge:

Tell the truth

Of course, there are numerous applicants that have had a run-in with the law but avoid putting it on their application thinking that the employer doesn’t do background checks. Those applicants are often refused employment even if their resume is everything that the employer is looking for, all because of a lack of trust. When you admit to your wrongdoings, a company can look at that and consider you to be an honest person and someone that takes responsibilities for their actions. They’ll become interested in you because they can trust you.

Make the extra effort

Going the extra mile to make it obvious that the charge does not properly represent the person you are today is extremely important to your chances at landing a job. Consider taking alcohol-awareness classes in order to show them that you’re ready to put your past behind you and you’re going to be a focused professional who would only further their success. Explaining that you’ve attended these classes and that you have a new outlook on your life and responsibilities will help you impress and encourage them to look past your prior offense.

It’s easy, don’t do it again

One charge is bad enough, but two obviously makes the level of difficulty even harder. DWI lawyers encourage each of their clients to take precaution after their first offense and not to risk getting charged again. Not only will you most likely be facing serious jail time, but you’ll be fined and have a suspended license, which makes getting and maintaining a job an even more challenging task. Companies may understand that things happen the first time, but when you do it again it doesn’t paint a great picture of yourself as a trustworthy and responsible employee.

If you have recently been arrested and charged with a DUI or DWI, please contact The Wilder Law Firm for assistance in handling your case and for advice on how to approach finding a job and building your career with the charge on your record.