How to Keep your Friends from Driving after a Long Night of Drinking

As DUI and DWI lawyers, The Wilder Law Firm has seen numerous instances in which offenders wish their friends would have stopped them from driving after a long night of partying. While it is absolutely not a friend’s fault that the driver ended up operating a vehicle while under the influence of a substance, there are things that they can do in order to attempt to avoid the situation.

Whether you are a first time offender and want to help make sure this doesn’t happen to any of your friends, or if you have a friend that is constantly risking lives by driving after partying, we know it’s not easy to prevent it. Here are a few tips to help you successfully keep your friends from driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol:

Control the car keys

Whether you’re hosting the party or not, taking over the control of the car keys as the sober friend is the first thing you should do when you and your friends get out of the vehicles and are about to walk into an array of alcohol. DWI lawyers constantly encourage their clients to either let a responsible friend give them a ride or at the very least give their friend the keys.

If you have trouble getting a hold of them tell your friend you left something in their car, or that you have to run and pick up some more alcohol, but instead take the keys and keep them for the rest of the night.

Don’t back down

Many friends who tried to save the offender from driving drunk will say that they did their best to get the keys, until the person was accusing them of being controlling and was getting increasingly agitated. It’s better for a person to be mad at you for keeping the keys, rather than risking multiple lives driving drunk. They’ll get over your “controlling” ways and thank you later because when a friend backs down and gives up, a DWI charge, or even death can be one of the many unfortunate results.

Ask for help

Just like you’ve decided to be sober for the night, there is bound to be another sober person there as well. See if you can find another friend that is trying to do the same thing as you and team up with them. If you’re having trouble with someone that is intoxicated, ask the other person to help you with them; see if they can convince them to hand over the keys, as well as help you monitor their drinking.

Be the designated driver

A surefire way to avoid having to beg your intoxicated friend for their keys is by not allowing them to drive at all. Volunteer to be the designated driver, either ask them to meet you at your house and leave their car there, or tell them you’ll pick them up on the way. A DWI charge can happen to anyone, and many of the people that end up being charged most likely thought in their head that they’re invincible and getting pulled over would never happen to them, when in fact it can and will. Help them avoid that situation, and save them the gas money, by being their driver for the night.

No matter if you’ve just experienced your first DUI or DWI charge or you’re constantly worrying about a friend that is on the road to getting their first, second, or third charge, feel free to contact the DWI lawyers at The Wilder Law Firm today for advice, or representation with your case.