Man Arrested for Intoxication Assault after Wreck on Dallas Interstate 30

When you get behind the wheel of any vehicle, you are implicitly taking on immense responsibility. Driving can be as dangerous as it is convenient, and there are a number of factors that can inhibit a person’s ability to drive safely. A driver’s lack of attention, inability to adjust to poor weather conditions or consumption of drugs and alcohol can heighten the risk of putting innocent lives at risk. Laws against driving under the influence, especially in Dallas, are rightfully strict, and no DUI or DWI case is likely to be taken lightly, even if an intoxicated driver is not necessarily the main cause of a vehicular accident.

On Friday, January 10th, 2014, 23-year-old Christopher Anthony Sosa was arrested by Dallas police for intoxication assault, stemming from his involvement in a chain-reaction crash that left Interstate 30 over Lake Ray Hubbard closed for most of the day. Sosa’s vehicle was not the first one involved in the crash, and dense fog in the area was likely a major contributing factor in causing the pileup, which happened just before dawn. Police investigated Sosa’s role in the incident, saying that he was speeding when he lost control of his vehicle. He was hospitalized for his injuries and is booked at the Dallas County Jail.

That day, the National Weather Service had issued a Dense Fog Advisory in Texas that expired at 9 a.m., as visibility in some areas had fallen well below a quarter of a mile. Eight people were injured in the crash and six were taken to Baylor Medical Center, most with non-life-threatening injuries. One person was brought to intensive care. The Texas Department of Transportation sent crews to help direct traffic and repair about 500 feet of badly-damaged concrete barrier in the median of the lanes.

Six 18-wheeler trucks and seven cars were involved in the crash. According to Dallas Fire-Rescue, the damages to vehicles were severe, requiring assistance from Hazmat crews to clean up vehicle fluids, such as oil and fuel, from the roadway. First responders found wreckage scattered across every lane of the bridge over Lake Ray Hubbard.

Christopher Sosa’s involvement in the I-30 pileup complicates the story of the destructive incident. He is charged with intoxication assault, but his role in the collision is downplayed, as many continue to primarily blame the early morning fog for what occurred. Whether or not his irresponsibility in driving under the influence is the main cause for the pileup on I-30, his charges will still be treated, rightfully, with the utmost severity.

Charges for intoxication assault, driving while intoxicated (DWI), and driving under the influence (DUI) are not taken lightly in Dallas, and are rarely simple matters. To get competent, professional representation for yourself or someone you know who is facing such a charge in Dallas, contact The Wilder Firm to get help from an attorney who will take action in your DUI/DWI case. You don’t have to go it alone–The Wilder Firm, with their extensive training, can help to properly sell your case to the judge and jury and represent you in the most professional manner possible.


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