Memorial Day Drinking Safety Tips

The Memorial Day holiday is a chance for people to get together, respect veterans, and celebrate. It is also the unofficial start to summer, when you should remember not to mix hot weather and alcohol! The usual Memorial Day holiday plans involve grilling for the family, or going boating, or even simply relaxing. Additionally, many Memorial Day holiday plans involve drinking. We encourage you to enjoy your holiday safely, which is why we have provided the following Memorial Day drinking safety tips for you.

Tip One: If you plan on drinking many alcoholic beverages back-to-back (about five or more) over a short period of time, then you need to understand the risks. Drinking several alcoholic beverages quickly can lead to alcohol poisoning, which is what happens when the blood’s level of alcohol increases to dangerous levels. We would like to encourage you to drink slowly and perhaps even reduce your number of drinks. If you get alcohol poisoning, you can become unconscious and your breathing can slow down, decreasing oxygen to the brain and body. If you vomit while unconscious, you can even choke to death on your own vomit. If you or anyone you know displays any of these symptoms after drinking alcohol, make sure that you or they get medical attention immediately.

Tip Two: Drinking on a holiday to celebrate or relax is perfectly acceptable. However, you must remember that police will have a much greater presence on the roads over the weekend since they know that many people will be drinking and then driving. If you plan on driving this weekend, remain sober. Nearly half of all motor vehicle accidents involve alcohol and that number increases significantly round holidays, meaning that Memorial Day weekend is especially dangerous. So if you are considering drinking, make sure that you are drinking responsibly. Get a designated driver or just stay the night wherever you are celebrating. Remember to know your limit and plan ahead.

Tip Three: Memorial Day weekend usually means barbeque. If so, it’s a great idea to eat food before and while you drink. Additionally, make sure that you are sipping your drink. It’s better to slow down and enjoy the quality of your drink rather than quantity. It is also a good idea to skip a drink occasionally and substitute it with a non-alcoholic drink so that you can moderate your intake. Another way to moderate your intake is to keep a glass of water with you while you are drinking, so you can sip on it in between sips of your alcoholic drink. Lastly, keep track of how many drinks you are consuming.

Tip Four: If you are somewhere you are not familiar with, be wary of unfamiliar drinks. They can have more alcohol than you know in them or be tainted with a drug. Never accept a drink from someone you don’t know. When ordering a drink at the bar, watch the bartender make your drink so you can know how much alcohol you will be having. And remember that alcohol and sex do not mix. Be wary of how much you’ve had, and always respect the rights of individuals around you.

If you do drink and drive this weekend and are arrested for a DWI, then you’ll want an experienced lawyer. Experienced lawyers can help reduce the consequences you will have to face. Contact us today!