Occupational Licenses in Dallas County for DWI Offenders

If you’ve lost your driver’s license due to a DWI charge, an occupational license in Dallas County may help you meet the daily needs of work and family. It’s a fact of life here that Texans need to drive their cars to get around our sprawling state—even if you’ve been convicted of DWI. An occupational driver’s license (ODL) allows people who’ve had their licenses suspended to continue driving to work, pick their kids up in school, and other essential tasks that require a car.

However, the process of obtaining an occupation license in Dallas County involves paperwork, petitions, requirements, and sometimes waiting periods. If you’re confused about how petitioning for an ODL fits into the DWI process in Texas, you’re not alone. This article is for you. It will go over who qualifies for an ODL, how long you will have to wait to receive your ODL, and what happens if you’ve lost your license due to a second DWI charge or drug-related offense.

Understanding Occupational Driver’s Licenses in Dallas County

So you’ve received a DWI in Dallas, and it has left you without a license. Maybe you happen to be in Addison with an office in Plano—how are you going to get to work (and pay off all those fees you probably just racked up) if you don’t have a license?

Texas allows you to petition for an occupational driver’s license that allows you to drive to work, school, or to carry out other necessary household functions. Occupational driver’s licenses in Dallas County are typically valid for one year, but it can be extended to two years by the court. With an ODL, individuals can drive up to six days a week, 12 hours a day.

Who qualifies for an Occupational Driver’s License?

We often rely so heavily on driving as a means for transportation that we forget driving in Texas is a privilege. It’s also important to know that obtaining an ODL is not a certainty after having your license suspended. While individuals are eligible to request an Occupational Driver’s License in Dallas County, they must meet a number of requirements to be granted an ODL.

  • They won’t drive a commercial vehicle.
  • The license wasn’t suspended for medical reasons, such as poor eyesight.
  • The license wasn’t suspended for skipping out on child support.
  • They have purchased SR-22 insurance.
  • They can pay the Dallas County occupational license fee and the license reinstatement fee.
  • They are willing to take alcohol abuse classes, use an blowclean interlock, or other ignition interlock device if required to by the court.

Petitioning for an Occupational License in Dallas County

If you meet the requirements for an occupational license in Dallas County, you are able to get the ODL through the criminal court your case is pending in or through the Justice of the Peace (JP) precinct you live in. Then, you’ll need to gather the appropriate paperwork from Dallas County JP site for the occupational driver’s license petition, order, or packet. Each precinct has differences.

Below are the links to the ODL or JP Precinct pages for Dallas County. Not every precinct has a dedicated web page to occupational licenses for Dallas County.

If you meet the requirements and have filled out the appropriate forms, the ODL petition must be filed with the court and presented for a ruling. You may find it helpful to have an experienced Dallas DWI attorney guide you through the process. If the petition is approved, you’ll need the signed certified order for your occupational license in Dallas County.

For further information regarding your DWI and ODL situation, contact The Wilder Firm today.