While a cold beer on a hot summer’s day (especially a Texan hot summer’s day) might seem like a great idea, it can actually be very dangerous. In fact, mixing any type of alcohol and hot weather can be a problem. Some people like to float rivers with cases of beer in their floating coolers, and others like to relax by the pool with a margarita, we have to remember that mixing alcohol and hot weather can lead to problems such as heat illness and accidents. Just like alcohol affects men and women differently, it can also affect you differently if you’re in hot weather versus cool weather.

Many people drown because they are too drunk to swim. Boating accidents also often occur because of drinking. People can fall off and drown, or get hit by the propeller, or suffer major trauma. Drinking and driving boats can lead to DWIs as well as death or injury. In fact, alcohol is a major factor in deaths associated with water recreation. Alcohol interferes with balance, coordination and judgment. However, these effects are heightened by sun exposure and heat. So even if you don’t have much to drink, you can still be at risk for some serious side effects. This is why you have to be careful when mixing alcohol and hot weather.

If you’re going to drink then you need to drink responsibly. There are ways to calculate your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in order to determine your level of intoxication. Remember that in the USA, 0.08 blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is legally defined as drunk and is therefore the limit. When you are drinking in hot weather, you must be careful because you can reach your limit much faster than if you were drinking in cooler temperatures. At 0.08 BAC, alcohol’s effects on your speech, vision, balance and reaction time make it nearly impossible for you to steer a boat or swim safely.

Alcohol increases the risk of injury because it impairs your judgment. Additionally, you lose your inhibitions, which can lead to reckless behavior and reckless behavior often creates problematic situations. Alcohol impairment can make people misjudge swimming distances, how cold the water is, and when it’s safe to operate a motor vehicle.

Lastly, an added risk during all forms of hot weather activity is heat illness. You’re much more likely to get heat illness if you are mixing alcohol and hot weather. Since alcohol is a diuretic (meaning it promotes dehydration), it can mess with your body’s ability to regulate its own temperature.

While we may think of ourselves as invincible, particularly as Texans, when it comes to hot weather, we simply aren’t. Hot weather is already dangerous since it can cause problems like skin cancer, overheating, dehydration, heat illness, etc. Adding alcohol in extreme temperatures simply increases your risks.

For additional tips on drinking during on hot weather, check out how to drink safely in the summer.If you do get a DWI from boating and drinking, or drinking and driving, you will need experienced lawyers to help you. Contact us today.