Bexar County Man is Charged With his Twelfth DWI

Carlos Faz of Bexar County has been charged with a total of 12 DWIs over the past 40 years. Faz was first arrested for a DWI offense in 1975 and this past spring he was charged with his twelfth DWI. He has been sentenced to ten years of jail time but is appealing his sentence based on its severity. Faz’s legal counsel contends that Faz should be given probation and be required to attend a substance abuse treatment program. His attorney relies on the fact that Faz’s criminal history shows a prolonged time period of no DWI convictions from the late 1980’s to the early 2000’s. Faz may also be required to not drink alcohol and to wear a blood-alcohol concentration monitoring device upon termination of his jail sentence.

Penalties for Repeat DWI Offenders

Under Texas law, after three DWI convictions, this Class B misdemeanor crime becomes a felony accompanied by a sentence of two to ten years in jail. Repeat DWI offenders are required to attend a DWI Intervention Program under Article 42.12, Section 13(j) of the Code of Criminal Procedure. These programs are approved by the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (TCADA).

DWI Intervention Program

The TCADA DWI Intervention Program was established for those who have been charged with multiple DWIs and differs from the first offender program that is also offered in Texas. The purpose of the DWI Intervention Program is to prevent continued substance abuse problems
and to encourage offenders to enter into treatment for their substance abuse problems.

The DWI Intervention Program offers various courses on topics such as:

  • Alcoholism
  • Physiological and psychological effects of drugs
  • How drug abuse affects family members
  • Alcoholic’s Anonymous
  • The 12-Step Program
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Lifestyle issues
  • Self-esteem issues

If an offender does not complete the program, he or she will automatically have his or her driver’s license revoked until the program has been finished. Prior to being accepted into the DWI Intervention Program, potential clients must complete a pre-test and fill out registration forms.

Have You Been Charged With Multiple DWIs?

A DWI is a serious crime that remains on your criminal history forever, affecting your abilities to seek new employment, apply to college or graduate school programs, apply for loans or housing, amongst other issues. The severity of sentencing increases for repeat DWI offenders, resulting in higher fines, prolonged jail sentencing, license revocation, and DWI treatment programs. The Wilder DWI Defense Firm consists of a team of highly skilled trial attorneys who are equipped with the expertise in the DWI field needed to assist you in challenging your DWI charge. Our DWI Trial Attorneys have a proven track record of success, attributable to our client-focused, relentless defense tactics. Contact our firm today to discuss your legal options and schedule your free consultation.