Stay Safe When Tailgating And Drinking At Football Games

Be sure that you are keeping game day safe with these drinking safety tips.

Now that the college school year has started up again and we are only one week away from the start of September, that can only mean one thing- football season is nearly among us!

Whether you have already purchased season tickets to watch your hometown football team, you’re heading up to your college town to root for your alma matter, or you’re counting down the days till homecoming at your high school, there are endless opportunities for you to show your team spirit this football season. However, there is possibly no place better for celebrating all that is football than the much-loved pre-game tailgate party.

Every good football tailgate has three things: a lot of delicious foods, a large amount of beer and drinks, and the loudest bunch of fans you’ll ever see. However, when you mix too many of these things (especially the alcoholic drinks and enthusiastic party atmosphere) it is easy for a fun activity to get a little too carried away.

To ensure that you are staying smart and safe throughout football season, especially when it comes to drinking and driving safety, here are a few tips to keep you responsible on game day:

Keep Track Of How Much You’re Drinking

Many people often underestimate the amount of drinking that occurs during football games and tailgating events. However, a study by the University of Minnesota found that 8% of fans at college football games recorded blood alcohol count (BAC) levels above the legal limit, with fans under 35 being nine times more likely to be legally drunk after the game than others. Therefore, be sure that you amongst the fun and celebration of the game, you are also keeping tabs on how much you have had to drink and you are mixing water in throughout the day.

Arrange For A Sober Ride Home

If you are not lucky enough to live walking distance away from your football stadium like most college students, make sure that you have arranged for a sober ride home from the game before kick-off. Many fun football game days have been ruined because fans made alcohol-induced decisions that they were sober enough to drive home when they were not. In fact, a 2009 University of Colorado study found that college football home games were associated with a 13% increase in DWI arrests in areas surrounding the games. Therefore, always make sure you have a sober ride home and NEVER get behind the wheel if you have been drinking.

Offer Safe Options For Your Guests

If you are hosting a football party or you are the person who is responsible for all of the food and drinks at your tailgate spot, make sure that you are offering safe and sober options for all of your guests. For instance, stock up on non-alcoholic drinks like soda and water, and also be sure to offer snacks so that you can keep your friend’s BAC lower. If you are having friends over at your home, also be sure to arrange for designated drivers or a taxi service so that no one has to worry about how they will be getting home safely.

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