The DWI That Never Ends

There is a Texas-based story about a DWI that will not quit. In 2013 a very prominent prosecutor in charge of a public integrity unit inside the district attorney’s office was arrested for DWI. But that was not the biggest part of the story. This particular prosecutor was filmed while at the police station, was seen making threats, and otherwise trying to use her authority to make the situation better for herself.

Once that video made it to the internet, it went viral. After all, there is something compelling about seeing how someone in charge of enforcing laws acts when the tables are turned. This video and situation ignited a firestorm against those that use power to arrest, prosecute, and put people in jail on a daily basis.

There were many responses to the prosecutor’s DWI, but a major one came from the state’s chief executive. The then governor came out and publicly denounced what happened, and at the same time tried to punish the behavior himself. He told the prosecutor that he required her to resign her position, or he would veto a bill aimed at funding her public integrity office.

At this point the case became highly political. Here was a Republican governor threatening to essentially fire a Democratic district attorney. She refused to resign and the governor followed through with his threat, but that was not the end of it. Soon after vetoing the funds meant for the prosecutor’s office, a grand jury was convened and the governor was indicted on public corruption charges. Charging the governor not only had implications for Texas, but the national stage, as well. That particular governor was considering and then did run for President of the United States. Being charged with a crime in the process did not help his cause at all.

Those charges were fended off and defeated by an expert legal team. The case never made it to a jury, but was appealed from the beginning as improperly brought about. Eventually, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals heard and dismissed the case. Had that not been the ruling, there might have been even more indictments against governors in the future for making political decisions.

Now the case has come full circle. One of the prominent attorneys that helped defend the governor was recently arrested on suspicion of DWI. Now the case will take its course, but the irony is not lost on those who have followed the case since it first began with a district attorney being arrested for DWI and the video of how she reacted became part of the ever growing internet.

Defending DWI Charges in Dallas, Texas

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