Things to Know about DWI Costs

DWI costs can be outrageous. In addition to bail, legal fees, and fines, you might lose wages from your work for the time you have to take off to go to court. These are simply part of the consequences of a DWI arrest. Texas DWI penalties are some of the strictest in the country. DWI costs can certainly be problematic for your wallet.

Feeling overwhelmed after a DWI arrest is completely normal. You should contact attorneys who specialize in Texas DWI law since that will ease your mind. An experienced attorney can help eliminate some of your DWI costs depending on details of your case. Avoiding conviction in your DWI case is a key factor in avoiding the overwhelming amount of DWI penalties and expenses. Although you will need to incur legal fees to achieve this, your attorney’s bill will be far smaller than the amount of money you will be expected to pay following your DWI conviction.

Texas Department of Transportation’s Drunk Driving Fees:

Bail: $185-$5,000

Attorney fees: $275-$10,000

Court Costs: $25-$1,500

DWI fine: $2000 *first offense*

(Second offense garners a $4000 fine and a third offense a $10,000 fine)

Course in alcohol education: $25-$185

Fee to keep drivers license: $3120 ($1040 a year for three years)

(Surcharge by Texas Department of Public Safety)

Total: $9,000-$24,000 (for a first time offense)

Factors that Affect DWI Penalties

Because each county in Texas administers its own court fees, these amounts will vary depending on where your DWI arrest takes place. Fines and bail may also fluctuate depending on any previous record the accused may have and the District Attorney’s recommendation. If another person is hurt or killed due to the direct result of your drunk driving, expect additional DWI penalties and costs to incur. Expect to pay a fine of up to $10,000 even for a first offense. Intoxication assault and intoxication manslaughter are much more complicated cases than straightforward DWI cases. Therefore, in addition to stiffer fines, additional court costs and legal fees will accumulate.

Finding Help to Reduce the Fees

Finding the right Texas DWI lawyer to handle your case will be an important step in controlling the total costs of your DWI arrest. Many DWI lawyers offer free DWI consultations, so you can begin to understand the legal process and your rights without any up front legal fees. After your DWI arrest, passing through the legal steps swiftly will ease your financial burden. With the help of your attorney, a speedy DWI process can mean less time away from your job and a smaller amount of lost wages.

If you or your loved one who has been arrested for DWI is considering not hiring an attorney due to fear of the legal fees, you must consider the costs of a DWI conviction. If there is any chance that legal counsel will prevent a DWI conviction from striking your permanent record, the legal costs incurred will be overshadowed by the lifetime of benefits a clean record can provide. If you need an attorney specializing in DWI law, you should contact us today.