Tips For Confronting Someone Who Repeatedly Drinks and Drives

When it comes to drinking and driving, police are not always the first line of defense against protecting those on the road from a dangerous driver. In fact, they are typically the last line of defense that finally takes a drunk driver off of the road.

Most times when we go out drinking and decide that we would be okay to drive home (even if this may not be true when you look back with a sober mind), we are among our friends and family, at our local bar among familiar faces, or are even joined in the car by some of our loved ones. These people are the first line of defense that will either tell you that you have had too much to drink and shouldn’t be driving, or simply let you carry on driving home even though you may be intoxicated.

If you are one of these friends on the first line of defense, you may be picturing that one friend who constantly insists on driving home even though they are intoxicated. While they may claim that that they are fine to drive or “I’m just a block away, I’ll be fine,” it is your duty to not only protect your friend from being injured or getting arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI), but also to protect all of the innocent people who are also on the road.

If you know someone who repeatedly drives while they’re intoxicated, here are some tips for confronting them and getting them to reassess their choices:

Let The Problem Be Known

A lot of the reasons why people continue to drink and drive is because they do not realize the amount of harm and damage they could be doing with their choices. Instead, they think it is a harmless activity that, worst case scenario, may land you a ticket. After all, one of the biggest side effects of drinking is impaired judgment-this includes making poor, not well thought out decisions. Therefore, educate your friend of family member before they get into the car about just how dangerous they are being. For instance, that they are about to engage in irresponsible behavior that could in seriously injuring or even killing themselves or others.

Ask For Help From Friends and Family

It may be hard for your friend to take just one voice of reason seriously. However, if they are approached by several friends or family members that they trust, love and value the opinion of, you may begin to change their mind. After all, it’s much harder to ignore many voices of reason than just one. Ask a friend, family member, co-worker or any other dependable adult to approach the situation with you and get their opinion on how best to handle the situation, especially if they are closer to the individual.

Seek Out Professional Resources

If a member of your family is the one who is constantly drinking and driving, it puts you in a tricky spot. You don’t want to call the authorities because you don’t want your family member to get in trouble or get upset with you, but you also don’t want them to hurt themselves or other drinking and driving. Luckily, there are plenty of resources to help out people who find themselves in this kind of situation. Al-Anon is one great group for friends and family members of problem drinking who are looking to find support, advice and understanding.

If you are someone you know has been arrested for drinking and driving in the past and need professional legal advice to help you move forward from this event, contact The Wilder Firm today.