Tips For Getting Through A 1st Offense DWI Arrest

What should you do first after being arrested for drinking and driving?

Anytime you are involved with the law, whether it be a simple speeding ticket or a serious arrest that leaves you facing heavy fines and charges, it can be unnerving. What are the next steps following your arrest? Will you be facing possible jail time? Will you have to appear in court to possibly fight your charges? There are a lot of questions that can go unanswered if you do not put yourself in contact with the right people or if you don’t properly do your research.

Luckily, we here at The Wilder Firm have years of experience guiding our clients from day one of the arrest process all the way through till they have won their Dallas DWI case. Therefore, we know the ins and outs of what you should do after being arrested for a DWI. If you are facing a drinking and driving charge and it is your 1st offense, here are a few tips that will help you get through this time.

1. Be Realistic About Your Case

Many people who are arrested for drinking and driving for the first time often do not take in the seriousness of their situation. However, there is a good chance that this is arrest could stay with you for a long time if you do not take the proactive steps to find a qualified DWI lawyer to help you fight your case. Therefore, make sure you are not ignoring your arrest or brushing any important steps aside.

2. Gather All Of The Information About Your Case

Did you have to take a breathalyzer test or do a field sobriety test during your arrest? Were you read your Miranda Rights? What was your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level during arrest? This is all very important information that should be gathered following your arrest. Having this information on hand to give to your DWI lawyer will not only be helpful when fighting for your case, but it could also discredit your officer’s testimony if it proves that the field sobriety test was conducted improperly or you have inconsistent statements from the officer.

3. Contact A DWI Lawyer Immediately

Often times, there is only a short amount of time given to you following your DWI arrest to fight against certain penalties of your charge. For instance, you typically only have 15 days after receiving a notice of suspension to fight against the suspension of your driver’s license. If you do not request a hearing within those 15 days, your license will automatically be suspended. Therefore, contact a DWI lawyer right away so that you do not miss out on these important dates.

4. Do Not Assume That You Must Plead Guilty

There are a lot of factors that go into defending your DWI arrest, so do not automatically assume that you will be found guilty of drinking and driving simply because your BAC was above the legal limit. There may be a number of defenses available in your case, no matter what your breath test reading may have been. This is another reason why it is so important to contact an experienced DWI lawyer, as they can look at all of the different elements of your case to determine the best angle to tackle your charges.

For more information about what you can expect following your 1st time DWI charge, be sure to contact the experienced professionals at The Wilder Firm today.