Tips for Safe Drinking On Your Graduation

The end of April usually means that finals are fast approaching, but after finals is graduation. Many college students celebrate graduating with their Bachelors, Masters, or even Doctoral degree by going out with friends and family. Typically, these graduates will go to a restaurant to celebrate, and they will usually consume alcohol. There’s nothing wrong with partying or celebrating your graduation, but we have a couple of safe drinking tips to make sure that you enjoy your night safely. If you do end up drinking on graduation, make sure you understand the signs that indicate you are intoxicated. Read on for safe drinking tips.

Eat first.

You may not realize it, but this rule is extremely important. Your small intestine is very efficient at absorbing alcohol, but your stomach is very inefficient. If you eat a good meal before you begin drinking, then the pyloric valve between your stomach and the small intestine closes off to keep the food in the stomach for digestion. The valve can stay close for up to six hours. If you eat a big meal that has high fat content before you drink, then the alcohol you consume will be absorbed slowly. Your BAC (blood alcohol content) will remain low, and you will become intoxicated much less quickly than otherwise. If you drink on an empty stomach, then it is likely that your BAC will rise very quickly and you will become inebriated very quickly.

Be well hydrated.

Alcohol interferes with the mechanism that regulates the water levels in our body. Alcohol reduces how much anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) that you make, which means that it increases how much urine you produce. While you should make certain that you drink plenty of water before you start drinking any alcohol. The more alcohol you drink, the thirstier you feel. Having plenty of water in your system will keep you from feeling thirsty and you will drink more slowly. Drinking slowly is the best way to enjoy alcohol and avoid blacking out or passing out. Remember that drinking water while you’re drinking alcohol isn’t the same as drinking the water beforehand.

Plan your transportation.

While it is okay to drive to a drinking event, you should make sure that you have a backup method of getting home. Walking or using public transportation is the most sensible method to use if you need a backup plan. If you drink at a friend’s house, you may even arrange to sleep over and leave when you are sober in the morning. Do not drink on impulse when your only means of getting home is driving. If you plan to ride use public transportation it is a good idea to travel with a friend for added safety. There may be times that you think you’re safe to drive when you’re not. You should learn what alcohol does to your ability to drive.

Travel in pairs.

It is always a good idea to have a good friend at your side when you participate in a drinking event. Friends can help keep each other safe when riding public transit. For example, if one falls asleep the other is there to safeguard them. Pickpockets, muggers, and sexual predators all target the intoxicated. Merely being male does not safeguard one either. Having another person at your side is the best way to discourage these people from taking advantage of you.
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