Tips For Safe Drinking On Your Twenty-First Birthday

How to have a safe, responsible night of drinking on your 21st birthday.

Many people consider their 21st birthday to be one of the most exciting, significant birthdays that they will have. This is because there are so many things that you are able to do once you are 21-years-old: gamble in Las Vegas, rent and drive a car, go dancing at the clubs, attend 21-and-over concerts, and, of course, drink.

21st birthdays often have the reputation of being one of the craziest, drunkest, sloppiest nights that anyone will ever experience. Doing crazy shots at the bar, chugging beer after beer, having to be carried to the car at the end of the night. However, while this may be the image that Hollywood and the movies present as a typical 21st birthday, it is important to understand just how dangerous of a night this can actually be.

Now, there is no reason that you shouldn’t head to the bar with your friends and enjoy your new ability to kick back a few drinks legally. However, it is important that you drink safely and responsibly each and every time you are out, especially on the night of your 21st birthday.

These nights are often laden with peer pressure and offers to consume drink after drink, and, as long as you take proper precautions and preventative steps, there is no reason that you can’t have an enjoyable night out to celebrate. Here are just a few things that you can do to ensure a safe and happy 21st birthday:

Do Not Make Drinking The Primary Focus of Your Night

If you are planning on heading out for a night of festivities with your friends, be sure that your night is centered around an activity other than drinking. For example, head to a bar that has bowling or pool, go out the casino for a night of gambling, or head out to the club where you can dance all night long. Centering your night around activities rather than alcohol will help to Drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea.

Choose Your Drinks Carefully

It’s important that new drinkers understand that not all drinks are created equal. In fact, some drinks such as a Long Island Iced Tea may have as many as three to five shots of alcohol which can take up to three times as long to metabolize compared to a beer. Also remember that drinks mixed with carbonated beverages will increase the amount of alcohol absorbed into the bloodstream.

Always Arrange For A Ride Home Before You Go Out

The most important thing to remember whenever you go out drinking is not to drink and drive. There are many different options that you can make instead of getting into a car after you have been drinking: calling a cab, riding public transportation, arranging a designated driving, setting up a limo service, etc. Any of these options are much better than riding home in a police car.

However, if you do happen to get arrested for drinking and driving, be sure to contact an experienced DWI lawyer that can help you with your case and ensure that you receive the minimum consequences possible.

Turning 21 is a very exciting, fun time in any person’s life. As long as you remember to drink safely and responsibly, it will be a night that you will remember for many years to come.