What Are the Financial Consequences of a DWI Conviction in Dallas, Texas?

A conviction for DWI in Dallas, Texas brings serious consequences. Before you consider getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol, educate yourself about the life-altering penalties you may face.

Defining DWI in the State of Texas

The charge of drunk driving goes by different names in different states. Driving under the influence (DUI) is common in many. In Texas, driving while intoxicated (DWI) is the legal language used by the state with regard to drunk driving. While intoxication has both subjective and objective qualities, the state emphasizes the objective. To do so, it uses blood alcohol concentration (BAC) as the means for measuring intoxication. The common standard, applied to drivers of at least 21 years of age, is 0.08%. This concentration level is the legal limit in Texas; if you exceed it and choose to drive, you are driving while intoxicated. If you are pulled over by a police officer and provide a breathalyzer sample exceeding 0.08%, you will be charged with DWI. If you are convicted, the nature and extent of the financial penalties will be severe.

Fines For DWI in the State of Texas

If you are convicted of DWI in the state of Texas, you will likely be fined up to $2,000 and also subjected to court costs in the range of $250 – $1,500, and the state’s surcharge program, which will require payment of an additional $3,000 over the course of the three years following conviction. In addition, there will be license reinstatement fees, and the cost of attending state-mandated substance abuse, counseling, and rehab sessions. This is only a starting point – for first-time offenders of at least 21 years of age, with no minors involved, no car accident, and not possessing a BAC of 0.16%. Even at this starting point, you are looking at a financial cost in the $5,000 – $12,000 range. A repeat offense, the presence of minors, being under the legal drink age, causing personal injuries or property damage, or possessing an extremely high BAC will result in increased fines and surcharges. The numbers can be staggering, especially if your ability to drive to and from your place of work is jeopardized by a license revocation. As such, you need the best legal defense possible.

What To Do If You Have Been Charged With DWI in Texas

If you have been charged with DWI in the state of Texas, you will benefit greatly from an aggressive defense of the charges against you. It is important that you do not delay in obtaining the services of a skilled and experienced Dallas DWI attorney. After a DWI arrest in Texas, you only have 15 days to schedule an Administrative License Revocation (ALR) Hearing at which to protect your continued driving privileges. If you fail to schedule an ALR hearing, you will automatically forfeit your driving privileges and having your driver’s license revoked. An experienced Texas DWI attorney will meet this deadline, and all others, in a timely fashion and aggressively advocate for your rights.