What you Should do After your DWI Arrest

Unless you are too intoxicated to realize the extent of the situation, you’ll most likely regret what you’ve done that caused you to get arrested. We understand that you made a mistake by driving while intoxicated, but that doesn’t mean the DWI charge is going to go away easily, and it doesn’t mean the court will be as understanding. Give yourself the best chance at successfully defending yourself and possibly expunging the charge from your record by taking immediate action the moment you are released.

There are certain steps you need to take before you can even think of getting rid of or even minimizing the charge, and they are as follows:

Find the right lawyers

Most likely, you’ll have more than just one DWI lawyer to choose from, depending on the size of your town. Either way, it’s important to take your time to choose the best lawyer to represent you. While many can say that they have the experience and have won all the cases they said they have, don’t believe them until you can see proof. See what they tell you and then attempt to match it by researching on the internet. If you find that they have done controversial things in the past or that they are not as successful as they previously said, then they are most likely not the one you should be working with. But if they do have the records of success and they make you feel as though they will do everything they can to defend you, then they are most likely a good match.

Consider every piece of legal advice

You’re not a lawyer, so don’t act like you are one. Our experience and expertise that we have built up over multiple years through working with DUI and DWI offenses, gives us the knowledge to provide to our clients in order to get them the best results.

The most common recommendation is to agree to a plea bargain. Plea bargains are looked at as a compromise between yourself and the prosecutor in which you receive a lesser penalty or some sort of benefit after coming to an agreement. There is a possibility that your charges could be dropped and you can avoid being convicted.

Get the fines/dues out of the way

Yes, we all hate having to give away our money for any type of ticket, but once court is over you should pay off any fines or dues that you’ve been ordered to pay by the judge. Whether you have to pay a fine, or go to classes and be under probation, look at the bright side; you’re not in jail, and most importantly you or anyone else is not dead after you risked just that by driving while intoxicated.

DWI lawyers will let their clients know that because of the arrest and court appearance there is a very good chance that the cost of insurance is going to increase substantially. The premiums will most likely soar and you must be prepared to pay for that, as well as the costs of the classes you have to complete.

Aside from these steps, be sure to find out when you will be able to drive again because your license will most likely be suspended, whether it’s for a few days, months or year. Also, talk to your DWI lawyer about expunging the charge in order to prevent yourself from having to show it on job applications, etc.

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