It is easy for anyone to see why and how DWI charges can cause havoc in someone’s life. The criminal aspects of it are enough to put someone on the defense and fight the charges aggressively, but there are times when DWI charges can creep into the personal and financial parts of a person’s life, as well.

That is what happened to a man several years ago who was in a drastic and devastating accident that left him disabled. In that case, Jimenez v. Sun Life Assurance Company, an offshore oil worker was driving down the road when he veered off the side and flipped his car. He was immediately transported to the hospital where he was treated for his serious injuries.

Disabled and in Need

When the man arrived at the hospital the police also arrived because of the seriousness of the accident. An important part of this story is the fact that once a person is in an accident, everything that happened subsequently becomes part of a record that may end up as part of a DWI investigation. This includes statements made to hospital staff, police officers, and other witnesses. That is what happened in this case.

The hospital staff in this case reported several facts that led to the man being charged with DWI. They said he appeared intoxicated and heard him say he liked to drink when he was off work. These were key pieces of evidence in the police report that later indicated drinking and driving as a reason for the accident. Of course, anyone who was recently in a devastating accident would appear disoriented and out of it, but that was not the worst evidence used against him. It was the results of a blood test that they took.

Soon it was discovered that this accident would leave the man disabled and unable to perform his work going forward. Fortunately for him he had a disability policy that would cover his living expenses going forward, but unfortunately that policy contained a provision that allowed the company to deny coverage if they determined illegal conduct caused the disability. If you can imagine, this man was facing a perfect storm that would end in a difficult situation for him and his family.

It was about this time when the police charged the man with DWI, and he was indicted. The indictment led to a conviction, and the company then denied his disability benefits because he was charged with DWI, and according to them, the police reports, and hospital evidence the DWI caused his injuries. Now he was left with a DWI conviction, no job, and no disability coverage. This underscores the importance of fighting DWI charges aggressively, and realizing that a DWI can have more than just a criminal impact on your life.

Fighting DWI Charges Aggressively

Once a person is charged with DWI, the best decision they can make is to hire the right legal team to defend those charges. No matter what your situation is, or what happened on the night in question, there are defenses available to you and reasons that you need to fight the charges. You have rights, and those rights need to be defended in the right way.

If you are charged with DWI, contact us today. At The Wilder DWI Defense Firm we focus our legal practice and helping those charged with DWI, and aggressively defending their rights in court.