Frisco Student Defense Lawyer

Facing criminal charges as a college student can be a frightening and intimidating experience. A Frisco student defense lawyer may be able to evaluate your situation and work with you to develop the defense strategy that is most likely to preserve your future.

If you are accused of a crime as a college student, you need to enlist the services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer even before any formal criminal or disciplinary charges are filed against you. Retaining counsel at the outset of your case is often more effective than attempting to bring in legal representation midway through proceedings. Getting legal advice right away is the best way to protect your rights and prevent any missteps in your case.

Frisco Alcohol Offenses and College Students

College students, who are often legal adults but still under the age of 21, may face alcohol-related charges more than any other criminal charge. Life on a college campus often involves alcohol purchase and consumption, even among underage students. As a result, students may need to consult a student defense lawyer in Frisco if they run afoul of alcohol-related laws in Texas.

Under Texas law, individuals who are under the age of 21 may not purchase, attempt to obtain, possess, or consume alcohol in any amount. Likewise, it is illegal for underage individuals, to drive with any detectable amount of alcohol in their system. Police are often of the opinion that the odor of an alcoholic beverage on one’s breath is a detectable amount of alcohol and routinely fail to administer any chemical tests to verify if alcohol is actually present.

Criminal Charges Involving Students

Aside from criminal charges directly related to alcohol, college students may face other criminal charges. Some of these offenses may still stem from alcohol usage, but they are not per se alcohol offenses. Disorderly conduct, resisting law enforcement, assault, and sexual assault charges may result from alcohol consumption or other common college situations.

Other criminal charges that college students may face are drug-related. When college students leave home for what is often the first time, experimentation with drug and alcohol usage is not a rare phenomenon.

Possession of marijuana, opiates, heroin, and cocaine, among others, all are possible charges for college students, just as they are for adults.

College and University Disciplinary Proceedings

Aside from the punishments that students may face as a result of criminal charges, which can include fines, probation, a permanent criminal record, and even jail time, students can face repercussions from the schools in which they are enrolled. Colleges and universities have codes of conduct that all students must follow to remain in good standing. When a student violates these codes due to a criminal conviction or an on-campus violation they could face unwanted and severe ramifications that may affect their enrollment.

In addition to criminal allegations, students may face conduct code charges from non-criminal but unethical behaviors such as plagiarism, cheating on tests, and hazing rituals that often happen in the context of fraternity life. Disciplinary charges may also lead to academic probation, suspension, loss of scholarships, or even expulsion. An accomplished defense attorney will be able to represent the interests of students in these disciplinary proceedings and work to reach a more favorable outcome.

A Frisco Student Defense Attorney Could Help

A single lapse in your decision-making process could cause severe complications for your educational and employment prospects in the future. A Frisco student defense lawyer could remedy those mistakes to some degree, depending on your situation.

Having legal counsel on your side throughout both criminal and student conduct code proceedings can be crucial to a positive resolution. Without a strong advocate on your behalf, you may be facing harsh sanctions that could negatively impact your future. Reach out today.

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