Frisco Traffic Lawyer

While a single traffic ticket is not usually cause for alarm or legal representation, it can result in unexpected financial burdens, such as increased car insurance premiums and fines. Receiving multiple traffic tickets within a short period could necessitate the intervention of a Frisco traffic lawyer. As fines pile up, they could lead to license restrictions and the possibility of an arrest warrant.

Frisco Traffic Tickets

Many people’s first inclination when they receive a traffic ticket is to accept the ticket, pay the fine, and forget about it. Nonetheless, there may be ways to effectively and successfully challenge the legitimacy or appropriateness of some traffic tickets.

Before individuals even receive a ticket, they should take steps as soon as a law enforcement officer pulls them over to minimize the impact of the traffic stop and potential tickets that they might receive. Sometimes, being polite and apologetic is enough to receive a warning instead of a ticket, or a less costly fine as opposed to a high monetary penalty.

Drivers who are truthful during a traffic stop may also be less likely to receive an expensive ticket. As a lawyer in Frisco may be able to attest, simply avoiding deception during a traffic stop often can go a long way toward preventing a ticket in the first place.

Defending Against Traffic Tickets in Frisco

Individuals who have received a traffic ticket should not delay in contacting legal counsel if they intend to challenge the ticket in court. The ticket will contain a date by which they either must pay the fine or appear in court.

In preparation for speaking with a traffic attorney in Frisco, individuals should write down everything that they can remember about the traffic stop. These details include everything from the weather, date, and time to whether there was other traffic on the road or anything unusual about the stop. Individuals should detail their interactions with the police officers and any questions that they asked, as well as their own responses.

After receiving a traffic ticket, drivers may also find it useful to take pictures of the location of the traffic stop or draw a diagram with landmarks so that legal counsel can assess the visibility of the police officer at the time of the traffic stop. This information may be crucial to building a strategic defense in a traffic ticket case.

Points and Surcharges from Traffic Tickets

Under Tex. Trans. Code § 708.052, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) can assess points to individual driving records every time that they commit a moving violation or certain driving-related crimes. Typically, a single traffic ticket results in the assessment of two points. If a ticket for failure to yield to oncoming traffic results in an accident with another vehicle, however, then the ticket will carry an assessment of three points on driving records.

Under current law, once drivers receive six points or more, they begin to accrue annual surcharges under the Texas Driver Responsibility Program. Annual surcharges, which can run into the thousands of dollars, will continue to accrue until drivers have fewer than six points on their driving records. Even worse, a failure to pay these surcharges results in the suspension of driving privileges.

Contact a Frisco Traffic Attorney for Advice

Even a single traffic citation can contribute to unanticipated and unwanted financial burdens, which can become progressively worse as you continue to accrue traffic tickets and certain driving-related offenses. A Frisco traffic lawyer may be able to help you fight back against the repercussions of traffic tickets and minimize their impact on your life. Contact an attorney as soon as possible.

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