DWI Enforcement in Plano

Law enforcement has chosen to focus on DWI enforcement in Plano because of the unique threat that intoxicated drivers pose to other motorists and pedestrians. Whenever there is a bad accident that involves someone who has been drinking, the public backlash against poor enforcement can be swift.

Often, drivers are pulled over, arrested, and charged with DWI even when their alcohol concentration is below the legal limit. If you have been arrested, a DWI lawyer could work to protect your rights and avoid the potential serious penalties that accompany a DWI conviction.

Targeted Areas for DWI Enforcement

Unlike some states, there are no DWI checkpoints in Texas. There are DWI stops, however, in which a police officer will stop a vehicle on suspicion of drunk driving. The common areas for stops are the parts of town that have a higher concentration of bars, especially in the early morning hours when bars tend to close. The toll road will also be heavily monitored because that is a good access point for people getting home versus just neighborhood driving.

If it is after midnight, and people are leaving The Shops at Legacy, there will be more police officers there. There are police officers on bike patrol at The Star in Frisco.  The bikes have strobe lights on them and officers will pull people over by activating the light and pedaling after the driver. Officers on bicycles can be very discreet in where they set up and look for a minor traffic violations to justify a stop.

What Makes Plano DWI Enforcement Unique

Plano DWI cases are unique because the officers are highly trained within Plano and the Plano Police Department makes sure that their officers know how to conduct a DWI investigation, write a thorough report, and testify in court.  The more skilled the officer is, the better able they are to communicate certain signs of intoxication. They are also better able to convince a jury that the person was intoxicated, even if they only observed minimal signs.

Field Sobriety Tests

Often, as part of a DWI stop, an officer will request that a driver perform field sobriety tests. These tests are basic, physical tasks during the performance of which an officer will look for indications of intoxication.

During prosecution, field sobriety tests are often subject to an unfair double standard. If a person performs the test adequately, prosecutors will argue that alcohol affects everyone differently and therefore the test is not proof of sobriety. If the person does something wrong, prosecutors will argue that it is a clear indication of intoxication, rather than nervousness, fatigue, or any number of other potential causes. Sobriety tests are graded on a one-way street, and the only way a person can do anything to help themselves in a sobriety test is to be 100% perfect.  Anything less than 100% perfection will be taken as a sign of intoxication.

Avoiding Penalties for DWI Enforcement in Plano

If you have been swept up by DWI enforcement in Plano, you may be able to build an effective defense and avoid penalties. A criminal defense attorney who has experience with drunk driving cases may be able to cast doubt on the prosecution’s case and negotiate for a dismissal or a reduction. Be sure to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after an arrest.

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