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2nd DWI .165 BAC

Charge Faced: DWI

Case Result: Not Guilty

Jeff was charged with a 2nd DWI with an alcohol concentration of .165.  When stopped in Carrollton, he told the officer he was coming from Coppell and was going to Coppell.  He lived in Coppell and went to the liquor store in Coppell and was returning home Saturday morning.  At trial, the officer testified that if he smelled alcohol on his breath, that meant there had to be alcohol in his system.  The next day in the trial I produced 6 different beers, 2 of which were non-alcoholic.  I had the officer do a blind smell test of each beer and asked him which ones contained alcohol and which ones did not.  He could not tell the difference.  The jury found Jeff Not Guilty.

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