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Assault Family Violence

Charge Faced: Assault

Case Result: No Charges Filed

Eric was going through a divorce and his soon to be Ex called the police claiming Eric assaulted her.  Eric denied the allegations and had pictures of them the morning of the incident that showed no injuries.  I obtained a copy of the emergency protective order and immediately had Eric polygraphed, which he passed with flying colors.  I also set up an appointment with the detective assigned and we met him on a Sunday morning for an interview.  Based upon the information provided, the detective decided to present the case to a grand jury versus just filing it with the DA’s office.  Eric was never arrested and never had to post bond.  The Grand Jury did not charge Eric with anything and his case just went away.  I called the detective for proof and he indicated to me it was as if it never happened and there was nothing he could give me to prove that.  Eric works for the federal government and the arrest alone could have cost him his job.

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