Charge Faced: Assault

Case Result: Not Guilty

Cierra was accused of assaulting Sparkle, a girl who was having an affair with Cierra’s boyfriend and was trying to get her fired from her job.  Sparkle drove to her sister’s apartment and claimed she saw a shadow coming up behind her where Cierra grabbed her by her hair and began dragging her down the sidewalk.  Some of Sparkle’s braids were ripped out of her hair and she claimed Cierra tried to bash her head on the concrete.  Sparkle suffered bruises and had grazes on her knees and elbows.  Sparkle claimed that the assault was videoed on a friend’s cell phone and that she watched the video after the incident and that it happened just the way she testified.  It was very convenient that no one could produce a copy of that video. Cierra is a nurse and her career was on the line.  The Jury found Cierra Not Guilty.

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