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Felony DWI with .26 BAC

Charge Faced: Felony DWI

Case Result: Not Guilty

Wes and his girlfriend went out on New Year’s Eve.  He was involved in a scuffle, and they decided to go home.  Once at home, they decided to go back out.  Wes has an old truck that routinely breaks down.  They had driven ¼ mile from their home when the truck broke down and would not start.  The two got into an argument, and she walked home.  Wes stayed in the truck. He was behind the wheel, with his foot on the brake, when an officer arrived.  Wes was arrested for his third DWI. His alcohol concentration was .26.  We had a jury trial which resulted in a Hung Jury (11 votes for Not Guilty, 1 vote for Guilty), as the jurors could not all agree on a verdict.  Then, we had a trial in front of the Judge, and Wes was found Not Guilty.

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