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Title IX Accusation

Charge Faced: Title IX Accusation

Case Result: Case Dismissed

M.R. was accused by the Title IX office of a major nursing school of engaging in non-consensual sexual contact with a female student.  Part of the allegation was that M.R. and the complainant were drinking and that the complaint drank to excess and became incapacitated.  Once someone becomes incapacitated, they are no longer about to consent to any sexual activity.  We were entitled to a hearing, but the hearing had to occur over the internet (this was before COVID) and our hearing officer was located in another State.  We requested a live hearing, but that request was denied.  We prepared our defense, exhibits, and for R.M to testify.  The hearing officer had a private hearing with the complaint and a private hearing with me and R.M.  Due to the nature of how Title IX cases are handled, we did not get to face his accuser.  After a 2-hour hearing, we had to wait for the decision.  The hearing officer ruled in our favor that there was not sufficient evidence to support the allegations.  Due to the damage that was done, R.M. had to transfer to another nursing school.  The allegations were bogus, but this showed how easy one’s life can be destroyed without proper representation.

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