Doug Wilder and the Wilder Firm are amazing. They worked diligently for four months on my case, always staying in contact with me along the way. But the best, most amazing part of this experience with Mr. Wilder is the compassion, understanding and non-judgmental approach to his clients. I was absolutely guilty and his approach made me feel like it was JUST bad judgement on my part, a one time mistake. He and his staff always made certain I was always “In the Know”. I was very nervous heading into court, but Mr. Wilder had a very calming and understanding approach to everything. But don’t misconstrue his kindness to his clients… at the end of the day, my case was settled with him going in with confidence and commanded the court room. Convincing the judge to reduce all charges, no fine, just court cost and basically one day of incarceration! UNBELIEVABLE! Thank you Mr. Wilder for all that you did for me! Robin.

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