Amy Patrick



Amy started her legal career working for a prominent family law firm. While there, she learned the ins and out of contentious relationships and how mean-spirited spouses can be towards each other. She realized that criminal accusations made during a divorce or a child custody case are often used by one party to gain an advantage over the other. She also realized that many of the allegations made were false.

As she moved to another high-end family law firm, her experience was the same. Spouses fighting for the sake of fighting, and not focused on what was in the best interest of their children. False allegations continued to be made in an attempt to win the custody battle or ensure limited and supervised visitation of children, just trying to hurt the other parent, regardless of the cost.

False allegations ranged from accusing the other parent of being an alcoholic to physical abuse, to injuring the children, possessing child pornography, and even sexual abuse.

After seeing the increased number of false allegations being made, and the destruction these allegations have not only to the innocent spouse, but to the children, Amy decided to join the Wilder Law Firm where she would be in a better position to help those who are arrested and those who have been falsely accused. Further, she had known people who have gone through the “system,” and that experience further helps her to empathize with our clients and to ensure we do everything we can for them.

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