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Just because law enforcement authorities have charged you with a crime does not mean you will be convicted or that your case is not defendable.  An experienced Plano criminal lawyer will be able to assess the facts of your case and work to develop an effective strategy for fighting your charges.

Criminal charges can have permanent consequences.  An aggressive defense strategy is necessary to effectively fight any criminal charges.  Hiring the best lawyer for you from the outset of any arrest is crucial to a positive outcome in your case.  Do not hesitate to contact us at the Wilder Law Firm and let us fight for you.

Award Winning Legal Representation

Facing criminal charges is a difficult and stressful experience.  Those charged may have questions about the full range of potential consequences and what their options are.  One needs to be aware of not only the direct penalties that they are facing but also the collateral ramifications of a criminal conviction on their personal and professional lives.  People need to hire an attorney who is going to devote their personal time, effort, and resources to most effectively defend them, and one who has a true passion for what they do.  This is what sets the Wilder Law Firm apart.

An aggressive and experienced criminal lawyer in Plano will be able to best advocate on behalf of their clients and work to advance their best interests throughout every phase of their criminal proceedings.

  • DWI

    Are you facing DWI charges in Collin County or surrounding areas? Being charged with a DWI is something that will carry years of consequences including steep fines, driving restrictions, and possibly even jail time.

  • Theft

    For most crimes, the charges and penalties you will face are dependent on the severity of the offense and whether you have had prior convictions.

  • Drug charges
    Drug charges

    Have you been arrested for a drug crime anywhere in Texas? Is your loved one currently facing charges Plano? If so, speak with our criminal defense lawyers immediately.

  • Sex Crimes
    Sex Crimes

    In Texas, crimes of a sexual nature are severely prosecuted. If you have been arrested or charged with a sex crime, it is crucial that you begin assembling an effective defense platform right away.

  • Federal

    Federal crimes carry with them a heightened threat to your liberty. If you or a loved one is facing federal charges, contact the Wilder Firm right away.

  • Domestic Violence
    Domestic Violence

    Texas has multiple laws related to violent crimes. Assault and domestic violence are some of the most damaging charges an individual can face. Don't make the mistake of not having the best possible representation when facing these charges.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Attorney Doug Wilder has been recognized by numerous organizations and is a member of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. His understanding of legal strategies has helped him protect the rights of many clients over his more than 20 years of professional experience. He has been recognized as a trial lawyer that goes to bat for the people in his care.

The Wilder Law Firm understands the difficulties you face during this challenging time. You are not alone. You may have made a mistake, but that does not mean you should spend the rest of your life suffering the legal consequences. Let us help you tell your side of the story in court. Do not wait to begin building your defense.

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With over 20 years of legal experience, our attorneys are here to fight for you. But don’t just take our word for it. See what some of our previous clients have said here.

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Common Criminal Offenses in Plano

Under Texas law, less serious crimes are misdemeanors and can carry the potential for up to one year in jail.  Felonies are more serious and can result in long-term incarceration or the death penalty.  Misdemeanors and felonies are also divided into further categories according to their degree of severity and potential punishment.

Some common misdemeanor offenses include:

  • Driving While Intoxicated
  • Assault
  • Family Violence
  • Possession of Marijuana
  • Prostitution

These offenses, although minor compared to felony crimes, still have the potential to result in loss of freedom, jobs, and reputation.

On the other hand, felony offenses can have far more severe ramifications.  Some common offenses include:

  • Driving While Intoxicated (with 2 prior convictions)
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Possession and distribution of Schedule 1 and 2 controlled substance
  • Robbery
  • Driving While Intoxicated with a child under the age of 15 (no priors necessary)

Aside from long prison sentences and high fines, individuals with a felony conviction will also forfeit some of their civil rights.  They will not be able to vote and federal law prohibits individuals with felony convictions from ever possessing or owning firearms.

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Being accused of a crime can be overwhelming, and a criminal conviction can be highly damaging to your freedom, future, and reputation.  By hiring the right lawyer, you may be better able to deal with your charges and increase your chance of minimizing their impact on your life.  A Plano criminal lawyer could be an invaluable asset as you mobilize defense efforts in your criminal case

When you are facing potential incarceration, fines, and a permanent criminal record, you owe it to yourself to build the most effective defense possible.  Contacting the Wilder Law Firm immediately following an arrest may be your best chance of beating your criminal charges and preserving your freedom, future, and reputation.

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