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How to Defend Yourself Against False Accusations

False accusations can ruin a person’s life and have real consequences in criminal and civil proceedings. Unfortunately, false accusations happen in divorce and child custody cases far too often. False accusations can also involve sexual harassment in the workplace, domestic violence, and assault. Many of us assume that the truth…
  • Assault & Domestic Violence ·

Facts & Questions About Texas Domestic Violence Charges

Many family members experience conflict where arguments and disagreements occur. Things get out of hand, and someone calls the police. Once the police arrive, they try to resolve the dispute. But, sometimes, the easiest way they do that is by taking someone to jail. In the blink of an eye,…
  • Child Abuse & Neglect ·

Laws, Punishments, and Defenses for Child Molestation in Texas

Prosecutors in Texas fight hard to get convictions in child molestation cases. In Texas, child molestation charges are among the worst types of criminal charges a person can face. The mere accusation of child molestation can immediately turn a person’s life upside down, even if the accusation is false. The…
  • Sex Crimes ·

What is the Difference Between Rape and Sexual Battery?

If you have been charged with rape or sexual battery in Plano, Texas, it is essential to understand the charges brought against you. In Texas, “sexual assault” covers nearly every form of non-consensual sexual conduct, including sexual battery and rape. Prosecutors can charge the crime of sexual battery as a…
  • Sex Crimes ·

A Guide to Texas Obscenity Laws

Obscenity is a crime in Texas that involves the promotion of obscene material or devices. If you have been charged with violating Texas obscenity laws, you should be aware that obscenity is a serious criminal offense. We recommend discussing your case with one of the skilled criminal defense attorneys at…
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